Stefano Benamati

  • WorldApp 2014

    WorldApp 2014




    The WorldApp is a free application, focused on the World Cup 2014 which aims to connect people around the sport overcoming the barrier of language. The physical and virtual interaction occurs through the chat (with instant language translation) and GPS. Through the application you can let you...

  • GPS, find me!

    GPS, find me!




    NO MORE CREDITS NEEDED. The app is now 100% free. Imagine you are in a very busy place such as a concert, a demonstration in a square or at the Oktoberfest. How to find a friend that you lost sight of? This GPS application, in addition to maps and satellite views, provides an arrow and a...

  • Forget me not

    Forget me not




    Test your memory with this simple clone of Simon which respects your intelligence and gives value to your time. No initial setup, no useless animations, no settings and no strange game variants. Just press play and start the game; the ideal when you have a short time and you do not want to waste...

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