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    Remote Control Collection




    Use this app to make your phone a PC remote control.

  • Mensa Uni Potsdam




    Die Mensa App zeigt den aktuellen Speiseplan der Mensa am Campus Griebnitzsee von der Uni Potsdam und Ulf's Café am Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI). Weitere Standorte: Uni Potsdam Campus Golm Uni Potsdam Campus Griebnitzsee Uni Potsdam Campus am neuen Palais Die Daten stammen von OpenMensa:...

  • Math Algorithms




    Math Algorithms app is an utility for students to simplify mathematical processes and to reduce the time needed to solve different operations. Currently included features are: - Get the greatest common divisor - Get the least common multiple - Convert decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal...

  • Mouse & Keyboard Remote




    The Mouse and Keyboard Remote turns your Android phone into a wireless remote control for your PC! You can control the mouse with a touchpad (like laptops), and type text with the keyboard software from Android or a built-in hardware keyboard. You also have the ability to send frequently used...

  • Impress Remote




    The Impress Remote allows you to remotly control OpenOffice Impress presentations via WLAN. Impress your audience with this usefull app and wirelessly control the following slideshows: -Microsoft Office Powerpoint -OpenOffice Impress -Adobe Reader Included remote controls are: -Mouse...

  • iTunes Remote




    With the iTunes Remote you can control applications like iTunes and Quicktime Player wireless. Included controls are: -Media control (Play | Pause | Next | Back | Volume) -Mouse control (Move | Scrolling | Zoom) -Keyboard control (softkeyboard | hardware keys) -Sortcuts (desktop | close |...

  • Windows Media Remote




    With the Windows Media Remote you can control applications like Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Included controls are: -Media control (play | pause | next | back | volume) -Mouse control (move | scrolling | zoom) -Keyboard control (softkeyboard |...

  • Bluetooth Net Chat




    This app is a Bluetooth messenger for your Android device. It provides a chat for two clients. Transfer messages without any costs for internet or sms, fast and free. There are no ads and no limitations. Just install Bluetooth Net Chat on two devices, connect to each other and type your...

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