Stichting HuKeLou

  • Movie Wishlist

    Movie Wishlist




    A wishlist for movie fan. keep track of your seen, own and wish list for movies

  • RosciPa Jigsaw Puzzle

    RosciPa Jigsaw Puzzle


    Full screen Jigsaw puzzle with pictures of Animals, starting from 2x2 to 8x8. specially made for small kids

  • Medication Vault

    Medication Vault




    simulation of a medication box with weekly dosage

  • Fighter Plane

    Fighter Plane




    Retro Fighter Plane game using HTML5 and Phonegap

  • Roscipa avatar creator

    Roscipa avatar creator


    create super deformd and cute avator

  • Roscipa: Rock Scissor Paper

    Roscipa: Rock Scissor Paper


    nice Game with cure characters for kids based on the classic Rock Siccor and Paper.

  • Rock scissor paper

    Rock scissor paper


    cute little Paock scissor paper game for young and old.

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