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  • Math Flash

    Math Flash




    Math Flash is an easy to use math application that looks and works just like paper flash cards. With the goal of enhancing the speed of one's math skills. Perfect for tests or just to sharpen skills. Great for all ages to practice and refresh arithmetic skills. Boost your brain using Math Flash.

  • My Slide

    My Slide




    MySlide the classic Slide puzzle game where the image is split into tiles and mixed. You need to move the tiles to get back to the original picture.Check out the Preview button MySlide you can take a picture or use your existing gallery! Puzzle, slide, games, images, slider

  • Stock Portfolio Feed

    Stock Portfolio Feed




    Never miss a news article on one of your stock positions. Enter in the stocks that you want to keep on alert and get the news articles sent directly to you, like a text message. *To see stock quote of pinksheets or OTCBB enter suffix(.PK or .OB)

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