Strident Inspiration

  • Emojo




    Cave paintings, Hieroglyphics, the Alphabet, Emoji ---> Emojo. Emojo is the world's first app where you can actually communicate without words. We have expanded your favourite emojis into a complete language of symbols - just type in what you want to say. Find out how surprising and...

  • Rateism




    Explore. Rate. Discuss. Rateism is the new network where users rate images out of 10. How hot are your friends? How cute is this dog? How does this outfit really look? Use your expert judgement to rate submissions from friends and the people who interest you. Browse the feeds to find new and...

  • Bragger




    Find out everything you never knew about your social life. Bragger’s unique technology brings together calls, text and facebook data for the most surprising and revealing analysis of your social relationships ever. Beware: Bragger's results are eerily accurate. The stats are split into 3...

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