• Rennes Metro Community




    Grâce à Rennes Metro Community, prévenez et soyez prévenu des contrôles dans le métro de Rennes ! Choisissez une station, ajoutez un controle et voilà, tout le monde est prévenu :)

  • Stay Strong Clock Lite




    This is the lite version of the widget Stay Strong Clock. Please read the full version description. This is for bmx, motocross and all other extrem sports riders !

  • Stay Strong Clock




    Stay Strong clock is a must have for all good riders ! This special plate gives the time with settings of the background color and opacity. This widget is perfect for people love extreme sports like BMX, motocross etc...

  • Simple Note




    Simple Note is an application that allows you to add/modify/delete notes as simply as possible in a style somewhat similar to WP7.

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