Studio KUMA

  • MagicTV Easy Recorder




    If you uses the MagicTV Remote Scheduling ( frequently but not very satisfy with the screen layout, then give this app a try! This app provides a native frontend for the remote scheduling service, with the following functions: - List of all channels, with favorite function which...

  • StudioKUMA Hong Kong BusInfo




    *** Notice *** I hear you! This version will not be killed after March 2014, with the implementation of auto update check! Remember to run the application once after your first installation to make sure the database is current. *** StudioKUMA BusInfo is an information utility for Hong Kong...

  • Hong Kong BusInfo NG




    With this application, you can find information of each route for KMB, NWFB, CityBus, NLB, MTR bus and Discovery Bay Bus. Besides the point to point route search and GPS Positioning functions you can find in original version of Hong Kong BusInfo, this version also have Bus Stop finding, bus...

  • MagicTV Streaming Player Free




    This is the first client that is able to watch remote streaming from MagicTV 7000/8000 series. * NOTE: No need to try if your device is 3000/4000/5000 series, as it doesn't support streaming function Most functions from official client are available: - Probe of devices from local LAN, so...

  • MagicTV Streaming Player Full




    *** Please try the free version first before buying the full version *** *** For instructions on mapping the MagicTV port to Internet, please refer to *** This is the first client that is able to watch remote streaming from MagicTV 7000/8000 series. Most functions from...

  • StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager




    * NOTE: Don't use on Android 4.2 devices, it is known to crash and there is no solution yet * .nomedia files are used to tell media players not to scan certain folders. StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager is a simple tool to manage .nomedia files in your SD card. Just tap and hold to toggle, or you...

  • StudioKUMA AppSearch




    Can't find an app that should be in Play Store? Use this app to help you! StudioKUMA AppSearch can search apps in any countries and for any devices, and you can also search for apps from specific vendor by just entering the company name in search field! For each search result, you can click...

  • SKDisabler (ROOT)




    NOTE: Your device MUST be rooted and with USB Debugging enabled to use this application. This application can disable packages and components (Activities, Services and Receivers) on your device, so you can prevent applications to run in specific events. Additionally, you can also run any...

  • StudioKUMA AirPlane Scheduler




    This tools allow you to schedule the AirPlane Mode of Android to start and stop at desired time (e.g. during sleeping) to save battery. You can also choose which day of week to control airplane mode, as well as which radio device to disregard the airplane mode setting. * You need to re-apply...

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