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  • Motocross Hang Time




    Motocross Hang Time is a new type of motocross game where you draw the track on which the bike rides. Each level has a series of obstacles between two poles and you must draw the jump and land so that the bike successfully clears the gap. The gap between the poles gets larger as you progress,...

  • Monster Truck Hang Time




    Draw the track on which the truck rides and jump between the poles to stay alive. This is a totally new type of monster truck game that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as your truck sails through the air. You need to draw both the perfect launch ramp and the perfect landing for...

  • Dough Rider




    Dough Rider is a fun car game with handmade graphics from real kids' dough! Draw the path for the car as you wind through helicopters, trees, skyscrapers, and airplanes. Be sure to get the hamburgers or your dough rider will be hungry! Collect coins to buy new faces, cars, and colors....

  • Scribble Santa




    A secret surprise awaits at the end of level 40.... you'll never guess what it is! Christmas will never be the same once you've experienced Scribble Santa. You draw the path on which Santa rides as he delivers presents all around the world. Watch out for the chimneys or Santa will be...

  • Scribble Scram




    You draw the track as the car drives! Scribble Scram is a car driving game that is funny, entertaining and addictive. The style is of kids crayon drawings, making it colorful, crazy and charming. Choose between the boy character of Scribble Scram Dan or the girl character of Scribble Scram...

  • Jelly Legs




    Jelly Legs is an epic adventure full of colorful characters, mysterious scenery, and funny body movements. Join the fight against the evil scientist Sniffles as he tries to spread Jelly Legs to all of humanity. Start out as Dweebles, the nerdy kid who can’t seem to keep his belly in his shirt....

  • Scribble Bunny




    Scribble Bunny is a game in which you draw a path of delicious jelly beans upon which the Easter Bunny rides. Collect coins to buy new bunnies, cars, and backgrounds. Search for golden eggs and collect them all to pass a level. Combine bunnies and cars in any way you like to make one just for...

  • Snowmobile Santa - Racing Game




    Launch off monster jumps, speed through deep valleys, and power up hill climbs like you've never seen before. Santa has traded his sleigh in for a snow machine built specially for him by the elves in Santa's workshop! Snowmobile Santa is a new racing game where Santa Claus rides...

  • Pro Snocross Racing




    Snocross fans rejoice, this game will keep you entertained for many hours! Race your snow machine against other riders to earn cash. Land tricks while getting monster air to score bonus money. Use your cash to buy new gear, outfits, snowmobiles, and even backgrounds. Races get faster and more...

  • Doodle Race




    Doodle Race is a game where you create the track and then race on it! With hand drawn style graphics set on the pages of a notebook, this game makes your doodles come alive! Race trucks over jumps, hill climbs, and woop-d-doos. Win the races to earn coins in order to buy new trucks or upgrade...





    This game is made with kidz in mind. There is no dying, no losing, and no running out of time. It is fun in its purest form. Enjoy! The setting of the game is a steel beam construction site. Sk8er Punk decides to ride the beams on his skateboard, getting massive air and doing flips all the...

  • Pet Shop Escape




    Like simple, colorful, fun addictive games? Try Pet Shop Escape! This game is 100% Free - No need to buy anything in game. Also, DOES NOT INSTALL ADS on your phone or in your notification bar. This pet shop story goes like this: Tucker the puppy gets captured by an evil pet shop owner. The...

  • Scribble Scram 2




    New Scribble Scram game with all new features! Think you have a good memory? Test it in this colorful world of coral reefs, pirate ships, crabby beaches, and dragon-guarded volcanoes! Each level presents a different pattern of obstacles that you need to remember in order to safely guide your...

  • Sk8er Punk




    Help Sk8er Punk navigate the graffiti ridden streets of his hometown in Upstate New York. Ollie obstacles (dogs, cats, garbage cans, fire hydrants, etc.) on his skateboard as the skate punk kid tries to complete his daily tasks like going to school and going to church to play bingo. However,...

  • Invasion Escape




    Invasion Escape is an intense racing game where you must stay ahead of the alien invasion or be abducted. Slam your monster truck over busted abandoned cars, shopping carts, trashcans, logs, cones and tires. Earn bigger and meaner trucks as you progress, and watch as the debris piles higher and...

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