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  • The Chindian Diaries

    The Chindian Diaries


    In this app, we would like to share the stories and information about Chindian community in Malaysia , Singapore and around the world. We hope that the building of this app will enhance our understanding about this unique Chindian community. All the resources inside this app was gathered from...

  • Urdu Poetry Archive

    Urdu Poetry Archive


    Get the best Urdu Poetry in one app. We gather hundreds of Urdu poems just for you. We will add the poems number until it reach 1000 and beyond. We are really thrilled to build this app and we hope you will too. The list of poems were arranged in an alphabetical order. It make finding each poems...

  • Tips To Deal With Anxiety Fast

    Tips To Deal With Anxiety Fast




    This app focus on the topic how to deal with anxiety effectively. It cover 13 topics that will surely help you in combating anxiety attack . We cover many anxiety symptoms and anxiety treatment that could help you easily. Excerpt From This App: Your heart is pounding fast and you are feeling...

  • Toothache Remedy Tips For You

    Toothache Remedy Tips For You




    Do you want to know tips on fixing your toothache ? We have collected many tips on that. With this app, we are SURE that you will have the best Toothache Remedies . You will fix your toothache problem in just 12 Hours. We believe you will have the best home remedy for toothache ever. Excerpt...

  • Tips To Increase Milk Supply

    Tips To Increase Milk Supply




    Do you want to know efficient tips on how to increase milk supply for your baby? We have gathered 15 Tips that can solved your breastfeeding problems. This breastfeeding tips will help increase your milk supply easily. Few of the tips are like Fenugreek benefits and the usage of Goat's Rue....

  • Wira Lahad Datu

    Wira Lahad Datu




    Aplikasi android Wira Lahad Datu ini dibina bagi menghargai sumbangan pejuang tanah air di dalam menjaga keselamatan dan keamanan Malaysia. Kami juga menyediakan berita - berita terbaru di Lahad Datu daripada pelbagai sumber bagi memudahkan pihak tuan melihat perkembangan tentang situasi di Lahad...

  • Cool Boy Dog Names App

    Cool Boy Dog Names App




    Get 500+ cool boy dog names app for your pet :-) We hope it help you find the coolest / awesome name for your dog / puppy . We really hope that this app will help you. We love making this app. We hope that you will love it too :-) Example of the dog names: Casablanca Chop Suey Compadre...

  • How To Fix Your Credit Now

    How To Fix Your Credit Now




    In this app, we share many credit repair tips. It will surely help you to fix your credit easily. No need to buy any expensive eBook, you can get it here free. You can improve your credit score with 10 simple tips. If you are one of those guy who want to correct your bad credit, we hope that this...

  • Cute Girl Dog Names App

    Cute Girl Dog Names App




    Find 500+ awesome girl dog names app for your beloved dogs or puppy. Get the best name for them now ! We hope you like it. It is all FREE. We guaranteed you that all of these female dog names are really updated , cute , cool , popular and suit your dogs well :-) We enjoy doing this app and we...

  • Fast QR Code Reader

    Fast QR Code Reader


    Get fast QR Code reader now. It is really easy to read / scan QR Code .You can save all your qr code in your smartphone. You can also send it to friend or yourself via email , twitter , Facebook , etc. You DO NOT NEED any internet connection to read / scan the qr code. If you want to surf the...

  • Funny Punjabi Jokes

    Funny Punjabi Jokes




    Get 70 funniest Punjabi Jokes in one app. Funny and hilarious. Start your day with a smile. We will constantly add new jokes and we hope to make it to more than 1000 punjabi jokes. We are really happy in building this app and we hope to share the joyous benefit of Punjabi jokes to the world. If...

  • Funny Shutdown Pick Up Lines

    Funny Shutdown Pick Up Lines


    Get 101 Funny Government Shutdown Pick Up Lines ever. We hope you like it. This app is for entertainment purpose only. You DO NOT NEED any internet connection to view info inside this app. If you have any feedback, please email to us at We really appreciate it.

  • Golf Swing Tips Revealed

    Golf Swing Tips Revealed




    This app share many golf swing tips for golfer out there. We also offer tips on how to play golf. easily. If you really want to know a perfect golf swing tips, you need to get this app. It is free and really worth it. As a golfer you know how bad it can be if you are hitting the ball too short...

  • Great Diet Tips

    Great Diet Tips


    Get the great diet tips now. It contain a lot of info such as diet and weight loss information , diet to lower cholesterol, healthy dieting tips, lemonade cleansing diet , DNA diets and many more. You can be sure we got all of it cover. Excerpt from app : When it comes to dieting you will find...

  • Dog Adoption Info

    Dog Adoption Info




    This app share 14 Dog Adoption Secrets that are practical in any time! If you want to adopt a dog , this is the app that you should get. A lot of adopt a pet advice was share here. We hope that the development of this dogs for adoption tips will help you. Excerpt from the app: When you are...

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