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Sudhakar Kanakaraj

  • Tamil General Knowledge




    With this app, you can improve your general knowledge. The app gives you various information bites (தகவல் களஞ்சியம்) in Tamil language. It is good read for kids, youths and everyone who loves to know an interesting facts of this world, lives, indian origins etc. Here, you will have option to...

  • Tamil News App




    Dear Friends, Here is my android app that will help you to read tamil news on your android mobile devices. The app has a better reading layout than any tamil news app you can find. The app gives you the best news reading experience, you can view the news in three different layouts, (Text Only,...

  • Tamil Crorepati Quiz Game




    This is an android app I brought to everyone of us to improve our general knowledge in tamil language in an unique way. The app will present 12 questions in tamil in each stage, as you answer correctly, you will progress through next question. Your score will also increase, by the time you answer...

  • Bhagavat Gita in Tamil




    What's New Swipe Left & Right Support Added Long press will bring the menu, where you can manage bookmarks When I was thinking about eReader where we can read our tamil text with a better reading experience, I was challenged my self to create one... Here is the result of it. This is an...

  • Match It Picture Puzzle




    This is one of our school days puzzle games where in we enjoyed arranging puzzle pieces that used to contain parts of a picture. We arrange the puzzle pieces by moving horizontal and vertical to make the picture complete. It was lot of fun with the wooden frame having multiple squared wooden...

  • Classic Snake - Nokia 97 Old




    This is the classic Nokia 1997 (3310, 3210) simulator for Nokia Home Screen and Classic Snake Game. Indulge yourself with your old Nokia 1997 days, I'm sure everyone of us carry very good moments with our old days Nokia phones which are big with classic illuminated screens, breaks your floor...

  • Tic Tac Toe in Blue Sky




    An android's best TicTacToe game, now available in blue sky. You can watch a nice blue sky with beautiful landscape having flowers, butterflies, oak trees, mushrooms etc. The game is a classic TicTacToe game where in you got to bring 'O' or 'X' in a row, column or cross...

  • Samuthiram Stories Collection




    Dear Friends, here is an app that will take you to immerse of our tamil people lives. Samuthiram writes stories very closer to our lives. He captivates everyone with his realistic or closer to life stories. Please note this is collection of Samuthiram stories from Internet, if you find this has...

  • Sidhdha Medicine in Tamil




    Dear Friends, Here is an android apps for us to refer one of our great ancients medicine, Sidhdha (Sidda, Siddha, Sidha) Medicine. The app has Sidhdha tips for every one us. You can browse it by your body part or body problem you are facing. Now, it has nearly 5000 health tips for everyone of...

  • Vannadasan Stories in Tamil




    Dear Friends, here is an android app for all our tamil lovers. The app contains the collection of Vannadasan stories and got compiled into an Android App which you can download and enjoy his writings. Please note, if you feel the app contains any copyright issues, please let me know. I'm...

  • Sundara Ramasamy Short Stories




    Sundara Ramasamy, one of the great modern tamil writer, a celebrity in tamil writers world. I have collected his short stories and compiled into an Android App which you can download and enjoy his writings. Please note, if you feel the app contains any copy-right issues, please let me know....

  • Thanthai Periyar Life History




    Here is the app for us to read about one of the great tamil philosopher, great inspirer for women rights, who enlighten our minds for decades, E.V Ramasamy aka Thanthai Periyar. He was a business man, social activist at his early ages. Here with this app, you will read what inspired him to become...

  • Science Stories in Tamil




    Here, I have compiled a short stories that are more oriented with Science, Technology, Tech-savvy etc. These are stories I collected from Internet and presented here. If any one found any issues with that, please let me know, I'm more than happy to remove/modify it. Of course, with this app,...

  • Solar System - Tamil




    This is my first tamil android app on Science. I brought our solar system, sun and various satellites, detailed in tamil. I really want to publish more science related apps to benefit students and bring the tamil reading habit among them. With this tamil reader app, of course you can, 1. Modify...

  • T Janakiraman - Tamil Stories




    T Janakiraman is one of my school time favourite author, I still remember my school days where in Tamil subject, I used to read his short stories which is mind blowing. I compiled such short stories of him in this tamil reader app. Of course, with this app, you will have options to, 1. Change...

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