Sudhansu Sekhar Samal


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    Design Patterns Pro

    As a Software professional/Architect/Student I always thought of the need for a handy reference that would guide me through Object Oriented Software designing using DESIGN PATTERNS. I do understand many of my fellow colleagues feel the same. I have put together this app for us software professionals: - Who like to use DESIGN PATTERNS - Want to u…

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    SOA Pro

    Whether you a SOA veteran or a novice? This app is for you. As a seasoned Software Architect and hands on developer. I find keeping technology information handy really helps to keep the knowledge fresh in mind. Using the same methodology I have developed this reference app for the Service Oriented Architecture (see my other similar app for Design…

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    Stop Negativity

    Won’t we wish life can be more Positive!! Experts say it depends on us individuals, how we stay away from Negativity. This app helps you do that! Stop Negativity App helps you record your feelings (positive /or negative) towards everyday life. Then it helps you analyze what part of life you feel negative or positive about. It is surprising to see…

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