• Beautiful Bokeh




    The prettiest, most customizable bokeh live wallpaper around! - Choose from 9 color themes (more to come) - Choose up to 5 custom colors - Blur circles - Turn circle regeneration on or off for static circles - Fully customizable appearance and behaviour - Home screen depth scrolling effect -...

  • Particle Live Wallpaper




    A physics based, fun and aesthetically pleasing live wallpaper. Each particle will attract other particles when they come within it's gravitational range, affecting the particles velocity and direction. When in range, particles are joined by a line ranging in opacity depending on it's...

  • Node Live Wallpaper




    Now with multi-touch and shape options! More shapes will be coming, let me know if you have a suggestion. A very unique and fun live wallpaper featuring an android (and now more shapes!) made out of dots. The android acts like it's made of gel, it breaks when you touch it and slowly reforms...

  • Pretty Circles Live Wallpaper




    A smooth, battery efficient live wallpaper in which elegant circles grow from random locations, or where you touch the screen, and fade away after reaching a random size or after outgrowing the screen, depending on your settings. There are a number of options to choose from, including circle...

  • Node Premium




    More extra features will be added in future updates. Help me make it better with your suggestions! Email me at Current extra features: - Thermal mode - 9 color gradients - 8 extra shapes (more to come) A very unique and fun live wallpaper featuring an android (and now more...

  • Orbit Live Wallpaper




    Circles smoothly orbit a point on your screen, they follow your finger and move to the home screen you scroll to. The amount of circles, orbit size, color, background color and more can all be changed in the settings menu. It's quite hard to explain in text, try it out!

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