• 風呂ねこの生活




    『風呂ねこの生活』は、 風呂ねこ、ほげねこシリーズがひとつになっちゃったようなアプリです。 ※アプリ種別:ペット飼育と簡単な横スクロールゲームです お風呂が大好きでおしゃべり、自由気ままで生意気だけど・・憎めない・・ 泣いたり、笑ったり、怒ったり、時にはいい子だったり?! そんな『風呂ねこ ほげちゃん』と一緒に生活してみませんか? <居間> ほげちゃんが、自由気ままに過ごす場所です。 大好きな牛乳や、おもちゃを与えて構ってあげましょう。 ※食べ物やおもちゃは、貯金箱に貯まった小判で購入する事ができます。 ※小判は、お散歩に出かけると拾えます。 <お風呂>...

  • FooCat Live Wallpaper




    This is a Live Wallpaper application. The cat leads a freewheeling life on your display. When you double tap the cat, milk, food, cleaning tools, toys buttons are displayed. Also, when you click the [SETTINGS] button, you can select your favorite cat and background. About selectable...

  • FooCat Notes Live Wallpaper




    This is a Live Wallpaper Application. FooCat writes your notes on your display. When you double-tap the cat, the operation panel shows up. *** About Menu Buttons *** 1. [Edit Mode (ON / OFF)] Button Switch the Edit Mode ON/OFF. If you switch the Edit Mode ON, you can move / edit / remove your...

  • FooCat Defense




    "FooCat Defense" is a tower defense game. FooCat loves a hot spring! Hot spring's so nice ♪ meow, meow, meow ♪ As usual, FooCat is happily meowing. Until... Suspicious guys appear from nowhere and try to capture FooCat’s hot spring. You must beat them somehow. Now, you can count...

  • 7.0





    Keep your device charged in order to make the cat happy

  • Go!Go!FooCat SPA




    In this game, you must guide FooCat as far as the hot spring, which is the goal.
 Please try and dexterously maneuver FooCat so that, in the end, FooCat can bathe happily in the hot spring. 
Make sure FooCat proceeds along the course without falling.  Remember that FooCat must reach the goal...

  • Go!Go!FooCat




    In this game, you have to help FooCat cross the suspension bridge safely to the goal. <Gist of this game> Make sure FooCat speeds along the bridge without falling. Remember that FooCat must reach the goal before sunset. Watch out for whatever approaches FooCat from the sky. Each time FooCat...

  • 仙台ごみ投げ




    「仙台ごみ投げ」は、仙台市の「資源とごみの分け方・出し方」についてのポケット手帳です。 ごみの分別に迷った際など、ご利用ください。

  • Donuts Dog




    This application is a battery management widget. The desktop mascot inform you of battery status. Mascot and donuts are individually selectable. Design by Reika Goto Translation by Douglas Dear

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