Sugree Phatanapherom


    Download Thai<->English Keyboard Thai<->English Keyboard icon
    Thai<->English Keyboard

    This is a special keyboard that convert Thai keycode to English keycode seamlessly to help you type Thai word to produce English word using on-screen keyboard. It is a lifesaver to type Thai-English password on your phone!

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    Download Amulet Somdejwatrakang Amulet Somdejwatrakang icon
    Amulet Somdejwatrakang

    A 1x1 and 2x2 holy amulet widget to display Somdejwatrakang on your home screen.

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    Download jibjib jibjib icon

    jibjib is a small and fast Twitter client. FEATURES: * Locale Plug-in * Many photo gateways+E-mail * Geotag * Gateways+Presets * bit.ly+Twitgoo+Yfrog * OAuth & OAuth Echo

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    Download GeoPin GeoPin icon

    Pin a point in Google Maps and share geolocation, latitude/longitude, in several formats. UPDATE * Goto

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    Download Blognone Blognone icon

    A 1x4 app widget to display latest article at Blognone, http://www.blognone.com/ with basic reader and configurable notification support. UPDATE - Built-in reader - Configurable notification - Share

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    Download ReallyCuteAsians ReallyCuteAsians icon

    This is an appwidget that displays latest photos from reallycuteasians.com on your home screen. - Press the photo to see next photo - Press title to open the original link in browser - Update interval is an hour Need internet connection. Photos are not saved locally. Resizable now!

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    Download Hand Clapper Hand Clapper icon
    Hand Clapper

    This is a yellow hand clapper. Shake it to start clapping. Using this clapper with Manager Breaking News and you will become more Yellow. UPDATE * Smooth sound * Fullscreen

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    Download Steve Jobs Soundboard Steve Jobs Soundboard icon
    Steve Jobs Soundboard

    A soundboard of Steve Jobs's voice from his famous keynote for the first iPad launch. - Click button to listen to - Long click button to save as ringtone or notification Louder!

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    Download MCineplex MCineplex icon

    A simple application icon to launch cinema showtime aggregation service, http://mcineplex.appspot.com/, in browser. Check out http://lewcpe.com/blog/archives/1049/ for more detail. **Thailand Only**

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    Download Thai Politics Soundboard Thai Politics Soundboard icon
    Thai Politics Soundboard

    A soundboard made from famous politicians in Thailand. There are 7 persons now and more to come. - Click to play - Long click to set as ringtone or notification Louder now!

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