Sujith Ramakrishnan

  • Alien Transporter




    A simple and adventure filled game optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen! ***
 EXCLUSIVELY FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE S PEN: S Pen has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. The game uses this feature to change Transport Pod’s color based on the Pen’s pressure. 
*** Our Aliens are space-faring...

  • Ace Of Hearts




    Test your skills in spotting the Ace of Hearts after it has been shuffled before you. Try to achieve the highest score at the lowest level. The game is in Beta. Please send us all bugs and do let us know your annoyances or improvement suggestions.

  • Antenna Widget




    Find out if your phone has a death-grip issue or if there is a "bad" way to hold it. See GSM and CDMA phone signal strength measured in dbm and asu in real-time on the homescreen. Tested on API levels 3,4,5,7, 8. Please email us if there are any problems. Updates: v1.3- fixes for...

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