SUM Interactive

  • Genius Trivia Impossible Hard




    Finally! Here's a trivia game filled with multiple choice trivia questions for geniuses. These super hard questions will help bring out the Einstein in you. Flex your brain power and take the quiz to see how many impossible hard trivia questions you can get correct. Some questions you might...

  • RV Runner: Drive, Jump, Trucks




    DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE! Jump, Dash and Smash while your out of control RV takes you on an open road redneck joyride! Drive as far as you can without crashing! Collect Road Sodas and Varmints to unlock new Trucks, Cars and Backgrounds! The runner game includes 6 vehicles including a good old...

  • Ultimate Fight Trivia MMA




    1127 multiple choice questions covering Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC and Mixed Martial Arts MMA: No complicated game rules, easy scoring to follow and random bonus questions pop up to improve your score! The questions cover MMA and UFC from the early days to 2012! How well do you know MMA...

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