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Vegetarian Grocery List

FoodStuffs and Household for vegeterians. is it all in the feed bag ?! Oils & Vinegars; Canned foods; Condiments / Sauces;Fresh-baked;Home Baking; Herbs & Spices;Snacks; Various groceries;Beverages;Cleaning products;Personal care; Baby stuff;Kitchen;Medicine;Carcinogens;Other stuff; Pets; Office supplies; Fresh vegetables;Fresh fruits; Gr…

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Grocery List

FoodStuffs and Household. is it all in the feed bag ?! Themed meals; Canned foods; Condiments / Sauces; Baked goods; Baking; Spices & herbs; Snacks; Various groceries; Beverages; Cleaning products; Personal care; Baby stuff; Kitchen; Medicine; Carcinogens; Other stuff; Pets; Office supplies; Fresh vegetables; Fresh fruits; Meat; Seafood; Dair…

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Blood Sugar & Pressure, Oxygen

Blood Sugar or Diabetes, Blood pressure (High and Low), Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Weight and more. The language in the screens of this app is in english. No more pen and paper to take away. The application "Health" allows you to fill your blood glucose, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and more ... at any time. It stores the info…

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Tunisia Trip

VISIT THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Visitors to the capital Tunis should allow enough time to explore its medina, monuments (the Great Mosque, the Tourbet el-Bey Mausoleum), palaces and souks, which contain a plethora of temptations. Another major attraction is the magnificient Bardo Museum, famous for its exceptional collection of roman mosaics...

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Download Kairouan TUNISIA Kairouan TUNISIA icon
Kairouan TUNISIA

Kairouan is a holy town where visitors can explore one of the most important historic Islamic sites : Great Mosque. It is also the main crasft centre of the Tunisian carpet industry. Kairouan and its surrounding towns Travelling from Kairouan, You can also discover the towns as Sidi Bou Said, Tunis, Carthage, Sousse, Monastir and many others ...…

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Download Parcheggi Lourdes Parcheggi Lourdes icon
Parcheggi Lourdes

LOURDES, città santuario dove la Madonna apparve a Bernadette Soubirous, l'11 febbraio 1858. "Andate a bere alla fontana e lavatevi" richiesta di Maria a Bernadette, aggiungendo "Io sono l'Immacolata Concezione". Lourdes e Miracoli Lourdes e miracoli L'applicazione "Parcheggi Lourdes" ti aiuta a trovare…

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Monastir TUNISIA

Well located in a central region of Tunisia, Monastir is an excellent base for visiting the majority of Tunisia's towns and major sites. Two or three days will be enough to discover the main places of interest in the north of the country, while two-daytours are available to explore the regions of the south, either along the coast or heading inl…

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Bardenas Desert

The Navarre Bardenas are a natural semi-desert of some 42,000 ha that covers southeast of Navarra (Spain)... The soils are clay, chalk and sandstone and have been eroded by water and wind creating surprising ways ....

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Parkings to Lourdes

LOURDES, The Sanctuary where Our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, february 11, 1858. Mary request to Bernadette "Go drink at the fountain and wash you", and adding "I am the Immaculate Conception." Lourdes and Miracles. The application "Parkings to Lourdes" helps you easily find parking.

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Lourdes Fortress

The château fort de Lourdes is a historic castle located in Lourdes in France[...] It is strategically placed Panorama over the Lourdes city [...]The Notre-Dame-du-Château chapel houses the furniture of the former parish church of Saint-Pierre de Lourdes[...]

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