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Flappy Fish

In anticipation of the hit game Flappy Bird's demise an alternative version has been created offering a similar experience. Features: High Score saving Colorful graphics Upbeat soundtrack Fun and addictive gameplay Lasting replayability Credits: Incompletech PlatForge project .Gears Studios

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Turret Defense FREE

Over 100 on-screen enemies at once! Play the most intense tower defense game on the market! Are you ready for a REAL tower defense game? Can you handle: -Achievements -Up to 100 on-screen enemies at once -Bosses -Unlimited waves of enemies -Stealth Aircraft -Unlimited replayability -Upgradable turrets -and 4 customised difficulties Instuctions:…

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Little Green Men

Little Green Men is a gravity-based platformer in which you must alter gravity to collect coins and solve puzzles. Take command of a spacecraft and fly to different planets collecting coins and stars for the return flight! Features: -Multiple different worlds to explore! -Engaging skill based and puzzle based challenges! -Fluid and smooth…

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Telescope Simulator

See what any planet will look like through ANY telescope! Need help picking your first telescope? Not sure what it's capable of? Why not try before you buy?! After a series of precise mathmatical calculations, Telescope Simulator will show exactly what any planet will look like through ANY telescope!! You can even simulate different barlow l…

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Download Deep Sky Calculator(Astronomy) Deep Sky Calculator(Astronomy) icon
Deep Sky Calculator(Astronomy)

Compare the sizes of galaxies and nebulae with the moon! Want to know how light pollution will affect deep sky objects in your area? It's very useful if you plan on buying a telescope and you want to know how deep sky objects will look through it from your area. What you can do with this app: Choose from over 100 of the brightest clusters, ne…

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Ice Cream Tale

Ever wanted to sell Ice Cream? Now is your chance! Set up your own Ice Cream stand! Decide on specific prices of your wares to ensure you create the best business possible! Features: Advertise your stand to increase business Achievements for lasting replayability Upgrades to your cart to increase appeal and stock limits Multiple flavours Auto sa…

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Download What's In My Sky? What's In My Sky? icon
What's In My Sky?

After entering your GPS coordinates the 'What's In My Sky?' app calculates the locations of all the brightest deep sky objects currently overhead in your sky! Many of which can be seen with the naked eye! Browse through a list of hundreds of galaxies, nebulae and globular star clusters all currently in your sky! If you are heading ou…

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North American Light Pollution

A must have for all star gazers and astronomers from beginner to professional! Browse through a giant map of North America that outlines the areas most affected by light pollution! Find the darkest skies near you so you can see all those faint galaxies you can't see from cities!

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Rage Dating Sim

Are you smooth with the ladies? Prove it by playing the Rage Dating Simulator! You meet three very different girls at a bar, each has very different personalities. Are you man enough to bring all three girls back to your house?

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