supercurio - Project Voodoo

  • Voodoo Audio measurement play




    Free little app that plays RMAA, udial and a few more handy samples to ease Android devices audio & sound performance measurements. In order to complete measurements, connect your phone or tablet headphone/line-out JACK to a computer with a high quality soundcard line-in then record the...

  • Voodoo Report




    Sends a detailed report to project-voodoo developer. Useful for bug reports or if you want me to analyze in details an interesting device for you. Important usage note: make sure your report is already fully sent by email before uninstalling the app − Otherwise you'll send an empty report....

  • Voodoo Carrier IQ detector




    This app's goal is to let you find out as easily as possible if your Android device hosts CarrierIQ rootkit or not. Results cannot be blindly trusted but the accuracy is decent already. * Work is in progress: We are actually writing an optional public reporting feature, that will allow to...

  • OvalShape ColorBug




    Allows you to identify if your device renders correctly OvalShape drawables as defined in Android SDK: If not, your device clips dark colors below RGB 7 7 7 displayed in those shapes and make them appear black...

  • Voodoo Screen Test Patterns




    Screen Test Pattern Android Application: by François SIMOND aka supercurio Note: this application is obsolete and has errors in the values used in color saturation measurements. I'm working on a much superior, automated approach and don't intent to fix this one. Join this Google+...

  • Voodoo LOUDER (paid)




    LOUDER Headphone amplifier for Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 7.7 ** Commercial app ** Root required ** Free compatibility detection ** Saves you $20 in an external headphone amp purchase! LOUDER exploits Yamaha sound chip extra abilities to get very high output volumes on Galaxy S II,...

  • Voodoo RRC Tool, fast dormancy




    Compatible with some Samsung phones, allows to run diagnostics on 3G network to observe UMTS/HSPA power states, enable or disable Fast Dormancy and change its timers. Fast Dormancy timer setting seems to be ignored on old devices, defaulting to something like 8s. Root is required for most...

  • OTA RootKeeper -no 4.3 support




    Free tool trying to protect root across manufacturer's OTA updates. Also serves as temporary un-root (see statement) Distributed as free of charge - no warranty. Open Source license: WTFPL. Alternative download link: This application...

  • Voodoo Sound Plus




    Play Store cannot detect compatibility. Reading app description before buying is required. Formerly "Voodoo Control Plus" This app controls Voodoo sound for Galaxy S, Nexus S phones Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer with or without custom kernels implementing Voodoo patches. Root is...

  • Voodoo FreeOrNot




    Pour les utilisateurs Free Mobile uniquement English: its an app dedicated to a French-only carrier, not useful to you guys. Application abandonnée. Le réseau Free mobile était trop mauvais (lenteurs et bridages volontaires rendant de nombreux usages impossibles), j'ai résilié ma ligne....

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