• Advanced IQ Scanner

    Advanced IQ Scanner




    Advanced IQ Scanner - test your intelligence by scanning your fingerprint. Instant results with great precision will be given within a matter of seconds. The new fingerprint scanning technology has been developed by one of the greatest US based companies. The algorythms behind it are ground...

  • Fruity XRay Scanner

    Fruity XRay Scanner




    Fruity XRay Scanner Display Prank App. Use your phone to fool your friends into thinking your mobile has XRAY (x-ray) scanner build in. Aim yout phone at selected fruit and wait for the scanner to warm up. And behold - you can see right through an apple, pear, watermellon or a fruit of your...

  • Advanced Emotion Scanner

    Advanced Emotion Scanner




    Super Mood and Emotion Scanner and Detector - a free fingerprint scanner that can tell your mood and emotion in an instant. Put your finger on the scanners scanning area and give it a minute to analyse your fingerprint. Based on advanced algorithms the app can determine your mood based on the...

  • Macho Meter (finger scanner)

    Macho Meter (finger scanner)




    Macho Meter is a fingerprint scanning prank application that scans your fingerprint to assess just how "Macho" you are. But with a little bit of help you can always come up as the most manly guy around. Great for parties to show off and fool your friends. Macho meter is a fingerprint...

  • Classic Ball And Paddles

    Classic Ball And Paddles




    One of the oldest classic games can still be entertaining. Some might say it's gameplay is better than in the new games like Call of Duty or Crysis. Control the paddle on the display with touch or accelerometer and beat your opponent. Three levels from hard to easy. Controls can be set to...

  • Prank Working Faker

    Prank Working Faker




    Stuck in a dead end job where the only thing you need to do is pretend to work? Or maybe having hangover from the party last night? And still like a zombie you're trying to work in your cubicle though there is no real gain in it? Now with I'm Working Faker you'll no longer will have...

  • Amazing XRay Scanner

    Amazing XRay Scanner




    Amazing XRay Scanner Display Prank App. Use your phone to fool your friends into thinking your mobile has XRAY (x-ray) scanner build in. Select a picture of a body part and move it as you would scan by slightly tilting. With a bit of practice you will be able to watch your friends amazment....

  • Ctrl Alt Del Comic Viewer

    Ctrl Alt Del Comic Viewer




    Ctrl Alt Del (CAD) comic viewer is a fan app enabling browsing online comic from Get all of the comics in one place - easy to access - easy to browse. Keep track of your progress and keep a lookout for new comics. With this app you can watch it on the bus, on your...

  • Amazing Memory Game For Kids

    Amazing Memory Game For Kids




    Amazing Memory Game For Kids is a game your kids will love. Match pictures with each other to remove them from the screen. Two game modes available and more on the way. Lovely pictures and addictive gameplay included. Get ready to loose your kid for hours. Helps you and your memory. Practice...

  • Hobby Model Scaler

    Hobby Model Scaler




    Quick Scaler Pro is a free model scaling app that allows you to quickly scale miscellaneous measurements of various units. It is designed for model makers and model owners. It works on the fly so there is no need for manual scaling process initiation - it scales as you type in. Quick Scaler Pro...

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