• LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher




    LightLaunch is highly customizable light launcher with smooth 3D graphics Features  • 3D Effects - Does not use OpenGL to keep the launcher light  • Unlimited Pages - Simply drag and drop icons to make unlimited pages  • Icon Themes - Use icon packs  • Icon Scaling - Scale icons as big or as...

  • LightLaunch Unlocker




    This will unlock icon pack support in LightLaunch. By purchasing this your not only unlocking LightLaunch your also supporting my working and giving me the opportunity to continue developing for android. I would like to thank you for supporting my work i hope you enjoy LightLaunch.

  • ApolloThemes Black




    ApolloThemes Black plain black theme for apollo

  • xmem




    This app will help you memorise the times table. Best to start with (1-5 / 1-5) then (6-9 / 6-9) then (1-10 / 1-10) then (1-12 / 11-11) then (1-12 / 12-12) etc.. Try not to work out the result but try to remember the result. If you have a strong visual memory try to remember where your fingers...

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