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  • LightLaunch Unlocker

    LightLaunch Unlocker




    This will unlock icon pack support in LightLaunch. Restart LightLaunch to take effect By purchasing this your not only unlocking LightLaunch your also supporting my working and giving me the opportunity to continue developing for android. I would like to thank you for supporting my work i hope...

  • LightLaunch





    Super light launcher Quick Guide * long press icons to move around * 2 finger swipe to change pages * 3 finger tap to open menu * Show hidden then tap the icons you want to hide then hide hidden If you have any problems or want to report a bug you can post your problems here or email me:...

  • ApolloThemes Black

    ApolloThemes Black




    ApolloThemes Black plain black theme for apollo :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- i have not found a way to theme the widget im not sure if its possible also i tried to remove the blue from the tabs but never worked maybe im a noob or maybe apollo does not...

  • xmem





    This app will help you memorise the times table. Best to start with (1-5 / 1-5) then (6-9 / 6-9) then (1-10 / 1-10) then (1-12 / 11-11) then (1-12 / 12-12) etc.. Try not to work out the result but try to remember the result. If you have a strong visual memory try to remember where your fingers...

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