• LightLaunch





    Super light launcher Quick Guide * long press icons to move around * 2 finger swipe to change pages * 3 finger tap to open menu * Show hidden then tap the icons you want to hide then hide hidden If you have any problems or want to report a bug you can post your problems here or email me:...

  • ApolloThemes Black

    ApolloThemes Black




    ApolloThemes Black plain black theme for apollo :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- i have not found a way to theme the widget im not sure if its possible also i tried to remove the blue from the tabs but never worked maybe im a noob or maybe apollo does not...

  • SoulPlayer Trial

    SoulPlayer Trial




    SoulPlayer is a sexy music player that's easy to use and lightweight THIS IS A TRAIL SONGS WILL SKIP RANDOMLY Bugs: If you find any bugs please email me in as much detail as possible with the bug you find Tips: *press any blank spot to see the artist list *press search button to scroll to...

  • xmem





    This app will help you memorise the times table. Best to start with (1-5 / 1-5) then (6-9 / 6-9) then (1-10 / 1-10) then (1-12 / 11-11) then (1-12 / 12-12) etc.. Try not to work out the result but try to remember the result. If you have a strong visual memory try to remember where your fingers...

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