Supreme Master Television

  • Be Vegan, Make Peace

    Be Vegan, Make Peace




    We are a group of world citizens that advocates vegan lifestyle toward achieving a civilization that respects all life and recognizes the connectedness of all living beings and nature on earth. We dream of a peaceful vegan world where all killings will be stopped and the intelligent and loving...

  • From Crisis to Peace

    From Crisis to Peace




    In this book Supreme Master Ching Hai presents the major factors associated with global warming, and more importantly, its root cause: the livestock industry. In fact, many scientific studies support Supreme Master Ching Hai’s view, which she has expounded for over twenty years. The raising of...

  • Spiritual Wisdom

    Spiritual Wisdom




    Aphorisms by Supreme Master Ching Hai on meditation, Buddhism, Christianity, the bible, life, family, God, Heaven, and more. Includes over 500 spiritual quotes and dozens of pictures of The Supreme Master Ching Hai. Includes a handy link to email the aphorisms to friends, and also links to...

  • Loving the Silent Tears

    Loving the Silent Tears




    This app, Loving the Silent Tears, is the mobile companion for the upcoming musical of the same name to premiere at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium only on October 27. Starring 2-time Grammy-winning artist Jon Secada, Grammy-winning icon Jody Watley, and Broadway stars: Tony winner Debbie...

  • Supreme Master Television

    Supreme Master Television




    SUPREME MASTER TV is a free tv channel broadcasting 24/7 with a variety of programs ranging from international news, vegan and vegetarian recipes, global warming, meditation and spirituality, the weather, technology, entertainment and music, movies and more. Broadcast in English and 60 languages...

  • Religious Quotes

    Religious Quotes




    Quotes from faiths and scriptures such as the Holy Bible (Christianity, Jesus), the Koran (Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam), Buddhism (many sutras), Hinduism (Hindu), Judaism (Jewish, Torah), Baha’i, Cao Đài, Confucianism (Confucius), Jainism, Sikhism (Sikh, Sri Guru Granth Sahib), Taoism (Tao Te...

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