• Optical Illusions




    An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. This SIMPLE Application is a collection containing 98 different optical illusions with complete descriptions about each optical perception. Watch and read them...

  • Palindromes




    A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction. Enjoy this collection of over 500 palindromes categorized into four different categories (Names, Phrases, Places, Words) Note: Ad Supported! Send us more palindromes and we will...

  • 101 Personal Growth Quotes




    Personal development is a process of individual self-development and the development of others. At the level of individual, personal development includes goals, plans or actions oriented towards improving self-awareness. Features ******** -Next/Previous Quote -SMS/Email Quote to friends Note:...

  • Tongue Twisters




    A tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. So enjoy this collection of over 400 tongue-twisters Features ******** - Over 400 tongue twisters - Phrases are listed and numbered - Simple and intuitive user interface. Note: Ad Supported Send us more...

  • Party & Drinking Games




    The Party & Drinking Games application contains over hundreds of classic drinking/party games. -Lots of games in a list -Description of each game -Intuitive UI -SMS/Email friend Note1. Ad supported! Note2. This application is meant for entertainment purposes only. K18

  • Trivia Genius




    Collection of about 1000 "Genius" trivia type questions in different categories. Play with firends or read them yourself. -~1000 trivias -Intuitive UI -Toggle trivia/answer -Next/Previous trivia -Random -SMS/Email Note1: Ad supported! Note2: This is a trivia collection, no scoring!

  • Pick-Up Lines




    Contains about 1000 pick-up lines from many categories. -~1000 pickup lines -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous line -Random line -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! The application is meant only for entertainment purposes. K18

  • 6.0

    Traditional Riddles




    Over 300 riddles for your puzzlement and mirth

  • Socrates Quotes




    Socrates (469 BC–399 BC) was a Classical Greek philosopher. Credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy. Enjoy his thoughts about life, politics, science, love ... -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous quotes -Random quotes -Email/SMS Note1 Ad supported! Note2 If you have more Socrates...

  • Proverbs




    A Proverb is a short pithy saying in frequent and widespread use that expresses a basic truth or practical precept. -Lots of proverbs -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous proverb -Random -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! If a proverbs is in your opinion incorrect or inappropriate, then mail us so...

  • Human Body Facts




    Human Body facts brings about 400 of interesting facts concerning your body. -400 facts -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous fact -Random fact -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! Mail us about incorrect facts. Disclaimer: This application is not meant as medical advice.

  • Leadership Quotes




    Leadership is activity by which people become aware of ways to accomplish their desired goals and to develop new values and goals which are in greater accord with their current capacities and ultimate potentials Features: -About 150 quotes -Email/SMS quote to friends -Next/Previous Quote -Random...

  • Famous Quotes




    Contains thousands of famous quotes from different categories. -Thousands of quotes -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous quote -Random quote -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! If a quote is in your opinion incorrect or inappropriate, then mail us so we can correct things.

  • Ghost Stories




    This eBook is a collection of 34 Ghost Stories. Check out also our "Fairy Tales" and "Grimms' Fairy Tales" eBook collections. To name some of the ghost stories: Present at a Hanging, An Arrest, Two Military Executions, The Isle of Pines and many many more. Note1:...

  • Fairy Tales




    This application is a collection of 43 English fairy tales. Check out also our Grimm Brothers eBook. To name some of the fairy tales in the collection: Jack and The Beanstalk, Teeny-Tiny, Binnorie, Three Little Pigs, Nix Nought Nothing, Tom Tit Tot, Jack the Giant-Killer and many more....

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