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Human Anatomy

The Human Anatomy application is a SIMPLE educational quick reference app that contains the information of sixteen different biological systems. List of Contents **************** 1. Cardio Vascular System 2. Digestive system 3. Endocrine - Central Nervous 4. Endocrine - Reproductive 5. Endocrine - Alimentary 6. The Eye 7. Female Reproduct…

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Optical Illusions

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. This SIMPLE Application is a collection containing 98 different optical illusions with complete descriptions about each optical perception. Watch and read them and be amazed. Note: Ad supported! Features *****…

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Survival Guide

*** Survival Guide is completely based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76. *** Note: Ad Supported! For ad free version buy Survival Guide Pro Features ******** - Zooming is supported in order to see the text/images better. - All the texts and illustrations can be read offline. No internet connection is needed. The internet connection i…

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Human Body Facts

Human Body facts brings about 400 of interesting facts concerning your body. -400 facts -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous fact -Random fact -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! Mail us about incorrect facts. Disclaimer: This application is not meant as medical advice.

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Pick-Up Lines

Contains about 1000 pick-up lines from many categories. -~1000 pickup lines -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous line -Random line -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! The application is meant only for entertainment purposes. K18

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505 Motivational Quotes

Contains 505 Motivational & Inspirational quotes. -505 quotes -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous quote -Random quote -Email/SMS Note1! Ad supported! Note2! If a quote is in your opinion incorrect or inappropriate, then mail us so we can correct things.

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Absolutely Dumb Facts

Contains thousands of facts (16 categories:Animal, Laws, Sports, Pop Culture, History, Health, Quotes, Movies, TV ..) -Lots of dumb facts -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous fact -Random fact -EMAIL/SMS Note Ad supported!

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Leadership Quotes

Leadership is activity by which people become aware of ways to accomplish their desired goals and to develop new values and goals which are in greater accord with their current capacities and ultimate potentials Features: -About 150 quotes -Email/SMS quote to friends -Next/Previous Quote -Random Quote Note: Ad Supported!

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Mountaineering or mountain climbing is the sport, hobby or profession of hiking, skiing, and climbing mountains. While mountaineering began as attempts to reach the highest point of unclimbed mountains, it has branched into specialisations that address different aspects of the mountain and consists of three areas: rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing,…

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Traditional Riddles

Traditional Riddles contains over 300 riddles. Includes a special category for "What am I" riddles. -Over 300 riddles -6 different categories: Logic, Traditional, Classic, What am I, Easy, Hard -Intuitive UI -Next/Previous riddle -Random Riddle -Toggle Answer/Riddle -SMS/Email Note. Ad supported!

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