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  • Free & Frugal Paris

    Free & Frugal Paris


    There's no need to spend your life savings to enjoy Paris. Visiting Notre Dame? Skip the overpriced tourist cafés and picnic by the Seine. Interested in Parisian history? Visit the gorgeous Musée Carnavalet - it's free. Serious about gourmet travel? This app lists Paris' best...

  • San Francisco Restaurants

    San Francisco Restaurants




    ★ Eat where San Franciscans eat ★ ✭ Save As You Savor San Francisco ✭ Fact: San Francisco is America’s #1 city to visit. Fact: San Francisco's 3,489 restaurants are a big reason it's #1. Fact: Most visitors never try the best of them. This is your guide to the best. Not the tourist...

  • Hong Kong Explorations

    Hong Kong Explorations


    Hong Kong is a place like no other, defined by its Chinese heritage but molded by its British colonial past. It's a city of skyscrapers and old temples, shopping malls and street markets, high-brow restaurants with stunning panoramas and dim sum eateries packed with families. It's one of...

  • Seattle Cocktail Culture

    Seattle Cocktail Culture




    There are hundreds of bars in Seattle and each does their own thing well. Sometimes you're in the mood for a classic cocktail, other times a shot and sometimes it's 10am, you need a drink & only a hotel bar will do. But how do you find the best bar for your needs? Seattle Cocktail...

  • Nice & Beyond: A Travel Guide

    Nice & Beyond: A Travel Guide


    The exciting and fascinating City of Nice lies along the shores of the Baie des Anges in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the Alpes-Martimes département of the Région Provence-Cote-d'Azur on, what English speakers often call, the French Riviera but which the French know as the Côte...

  • Cruise! Hands-on Guide

    Cruise! Hands-on Guide


    A rare peek into cruise ships via 1100 photos plus lively description of the new world of cruising. Written by a former award-winning newspaper travel editor. Learn major cruise lines' unique "personalities." Admire design-savvy ship interiors--soaring atriums, natty staterooms,...

  • San Diego Essential Guide

    San Diego Essential Guide


    Travel like a local with a local. Let native San Diegan and award-winning travel journalist Alison DaRosa show you around her hometown. This simple but powerful app is the only guide you’ll need. It’s full of insider tips that will help visitors (and locals, too) make the most of their leisure...

  • Cape Cod Travel Essentials

    Cape Cod Travel Essentials




    ★ A hefty sampler of sun, sand, clam shacks... ★ There's so much 'white noise' in the world of travel information that it's hard to filter the great from the ehhhh. And besides, who has the time? Both problems are overcome with this discriminating and editorial app. You can cut...

  • Bogota Explorer

    Bogota Explorer


    Bogota: breathtaking, beguiling, bewitching, and amazing. There is something for everyone here and a lot of it! In Bogota, Colombia, everything dazzles -- the nightlife dazzles - restaurants seem to never close, music blares from the clubs where couples are dancing; it is a place where the pulse...

  • Organically Sonoma: Tour Guide

    Organically Sonoma: Tour Guide


    ★ 40+ Wineries with Fine Wines From Organic Vines ★ Did you know that Sonoma's top wineries make more than 200 wines from certified organic vines? Visit these wineries (and find these wines) with ORGANICALLY SONOMA: A TASTING AND TOURING GUIDE, the first and only guide to the territory....

  • Vegetable Gardening

    Vegetable Gardening




    ★ Vegetable Gardening: What, Why, How. ★ Few experiences in life give more satisfaction than planting seeds or vegetable transplants, being responsible for their growth and enjoying a bountiful harvest. Not only will you ensure that delicious fresh-picked flavor of salad greens like the crisp,...

  • Hilton Head Essentials

    Hilton Head Essentials


    Showcasing a panorama of coastal experience with South Carolina Lowcountry treasures for visitors and locals. Unique insider recommendations of where to stay, where to eat and shop plus the best of everything to see and do on Hilton Head Island and throughout surrounding cities, towns and islands...

  • Shade Gardening

    Shade Gardening


    ★ Shade Garden: What, Why, How. ★ Although most humans (and plants) require sunlight for good health, shade can be a welcome relief. It is soothing and cooling, tempering the heat, glare and ultra violet rays that a fierce sun can inflict. However, when discussing shade, the term can be...

  • Los Angeles Travel

    Los Angeles Travel


    Farmer's Market or Jimmy Choo. Maison 140's Bar Noir or The Joker. CUT or Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom. LA is a constantly changing landscape of restaurants, shops and nightclubs. LA: Beach to Blvd - with more than 300 entries - will give you the inside track on making the most of...

  • Herb Gardening

    Herb Gardening


    ★ Gardening Herbs: What, Why, How. ★ Herbs are a fascinating group of plants that have beneficial properties, not only for flavoring meals, but also to impart pleasant fragrances, as sources of dyes to color fabrics, as insecticides, as medicines and also as poisons and stimulants. This...

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