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  • Auckland Insider

    Auckland Insider


    Most apps tell you how to get there, tell you what to see, tell you what to do. But this isn't your usual travel guide. This one's a wee bit different. While we've laced it with favourite places, at heart it's an Insider/Outsider view of New Zealand, seen through the prism of its...

  • Belgium Day Trips

    Belgium Day Trips


    From the windswept North Sea Coast to green hilly Wallonia, Belgium has a lot to offer for a country of its size. From the capital of Brussels, you can day-trip it just about anywhere. This informative, comprehensive and entertaining insider's guide points you in the right direction. It...

  • Fabric U

    Fabric U




    ★ On-the-Go Guide to Fabrics with YouTube Videos ★ ★ Learn to sew one-of-a-kind garments that worthy of Project Runway with fabric expert Mary Beth Klatt. ★ Sew like a pro with more than 100 videos and fabric entries from Klatt, the author of "Chicago's Fashion History,...

  • Sanibel-Captiva Islands Guide

    Sanibel-Captiva Islands Guide




    Sanibel Island, Florida: It conjures images of seashell-carpeted beaches, lazy gulf waves, skies and beaches full of birds, and palm-tree-silhouetted skies. In 2012, Arthur Frommer named it as his favorite destination in the world - over and above Bali and Paris!! Birding and paddling magazines,...

  • Munich Day Trips

    Munich Day Trips


    The word "Daytrip" may not have made it into dictionaries yet, but for experienced independent travelers it represents the easiest, most natural, and often the least expensive approach to exploring a European country. This strategy, in which you base yourself in a central city and probe...

  • South Africa Travel

    South Africa Travel




    South Africa is a place of great beauty, divergent landscapes, incredible wildlife and an amazing array of activities in perfect sunshine year-round. It is one of the world's most popular hiking, extreme sports, and birding destinations. It has one of the world's eight great floral...

  • Spa Wanderlust

    Spa Wanderlust




    ★ A travel guide for spa enthusiasts! ★ What's inside? *Spa recommendations and reviews Each spa entry includes: photo slideshow interactive map spa overview what makes each spa special description of signature treatments a list of spa amenities contact information links...

  • Nashville Essential Guide

    Nashville Essential Guide


    Sort through Music City's many melodies to hit the right tune in Nashville. Whether you've lived here for decades, or are just coming to town for the first time, you'll find tidbits researched by a local to make your time in the city music to your ears. ★ Why this app? ★ These...

  • France Discovered

    France Discovered


    If you like the best of everything, you'll find great joy and delight in France, from the cult status of food and wine to the deep-rooted, regional and local culture and customs that hallmark a country that has much to offer, and knows it. This app takes an overview, and identifies the best...

  • Alabama Civil Rights Trail

    Alabama Civil Rights Trail


    Copyright© Edith Parten, April 30, 2011 Visit the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and experience the history that forever changed the world. You may have heard the stories, but visit Alabama and walk in the same steps as civil rights leaders. From the last slave ship to enter America...

  • New York City Gangland Tour

    New York City Gangland Tour




    With 300+ destinations city-wide, nearly 4,000 rare images and insider stories spanning 150 years, New York City Gangland is a Tour App without equal. It's THE go-to guide for researchers, day-trippers & organized crime aficionados, delivering the MOST accurate portrayals of...

  • England's Lake District

    England's Lake District




    The Lake District attracts people from all around the world; more than 15 million visitors each year arrive in what was once called ‘the odd corner of England’. They come for the outstanding quality of the landscape, and by doing so serve to endorse William Wordsworth’s vision of a ‘sort of...

  • Hanoi Essential Guide

    Hanoi Essential Guide


    ★ ✭ Unravelling Hanoi's Secrets ✭ ★ It's been 1000 years in the making, but you can see the best of it in a few days with the aid of this app. Hanoi is one of Asia's most endearing and exciting cities with a unique feel and a sophisticated air about everything - entertainment, dining...

  • Bangkok Essential Guide

    Bangkok Essential Guide


    From major temples to young new designer shops, this guide shows you some of the city's most exciting spots to explore. You'll find relaxing places to stay, visit historic neighborhoods, and discover the best malls and outdoor markets. You'll choose from a wide variety of places to...

  • BBQ Nation

    BBQ Nation


    Barbecue is surely as American as apple pie and Chevrolet - but there's still plenty of debate across the country about which style of barbecue is the best. From tiny shops with a single pit to local chains with drive-thru 'que, from smoked brisket to dry-rubbed pork ribs, from...

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