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  • Locale Mobile Data Plugin




    What's Included? - A condition that monitors mobile data use - A setting that turns mobile data on and off (Note: Compatible with Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb ONLY) What can you do with them? - Use the setting by itself to turn mobile data off for certain conditions...

  • Locale Media Scanner Plug-In




    Add a setting to Locale or Tasker situations to refresh/scan the media library on your Android device. For Example: - When I leave home, refresh my media library Having trouble? Send us a problem report! ... Open the plugin ... Press the menu button ... Press "Problem Report"...

  • Locale Call Filter Plug-In




    Adds a "Call Filter" setting to Locale or Tasker. When the setting is active, all blocked callers will be sent directly to voicemail. Block: ... Groups ... All numbers ... Specific numbers ... Toll free numbers ... Unknown numbers ... Hidden/restricted numbers ... And ANY...

  • Locale SD Card Plugin 2.0




    This Locale plugin provides the following new conditions for Locale. NOTE: This plugin has not been tested with Tasker. "SD (Status)": This condition can be used to trigger Locale situations based on the current status of the SD Card (ex: Mounted, Unmounted, Removed, etc.). "SD...

  • Locale SMS Auto Respond Plugin




    Give Locale or Tasker the ability to automatically respond to incoming SMS (text) messages! Similar to the Microsoft Outlook "Out Of Office" functionality, your device will respond with the message of your choice the first time someone sends you a text message. For Example: ......

  • Locale WiFi IP Plug-In




    Add advanced WiFi controls to Locale or Tasker. This setting allows you to set the following for each WiFi network you connect to: - IP Address (Static or Dynamic) - Gateway - Netmask - DNS servers Please Note: This is a setting. Once set, it will stay set until another situation changes...

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