Swiss Codemonkeys

  • Pickup Lines




    This app puts the most fun and effective pickup lines at your fingertips! - Browse through 1000s of fun pickup lines - Rate up good pickup lines and rate down the bad ones - Submit your own pick up lines - Send funny lines to your friends via email/text to share the fun. Due to the Android...

  • DeskBell




    Whether it is to call the waiter in a restaurant or annoy your colleagues during meetings, install this fun application on your phone to draw attention. Features: - Different sounds (long bell, a gong and a cowbell!) - Internet for update checking New: cupcake release.

  • Fire




    Turn up the heat of your android! This app shows an awesome fire effect on the screen of your phone. Draw burning images with your finger in "draw" mode, or burn holes in pictures in the photo mode. Most interactive fire app on android! Great for showing off what your phone can do....

  • Spray Paint Can




    This is a fun trick app that makes your phone like a spraycan. Laughs guaranteed :). Pretend to spray paint on walls, or use as air freshener after someone used a fart app! Makes a realistic sound and don't forget to refill by shaking!

  • Hot Apps




    Hot Apps USA is the fastest way to discover great apps and games for your Android device. This app provides a convenient, quick interface to browse through the latest hot apps and games on Google Play. Install this app and never miss out on the newest app trends. Updated daily! * Three...

  • Yo Momma Jokes




    The best Yo Momma Jokes app for Android! Laugh at thousands of funny Yo Momma jokes and add your own. - Thousands of free Yo Momma Jokes! Tons of fun - Send via email, SMS, text message, Twitter or Facebook - Add your own funny comment on the Yo Mama jokes - Make your own profile Install now...

  • StunGun - Free




    Fun prank stun gun app to scare your friends! Most realistic stun gun app for Android! Just press the red button and unleash 1000 volts of lightning, fun guaranteed :)! ★ configurable color of the stun gun beam ★ different sounds ★ vibrating optional So go ahead and shock your friends now with...

  • Cool Texter & Fonts FREE




    Tнιѕ αρρ мαкєѕ уσυя тєχт ℓσσк ¢σσℓ! This is a FREE version of Cool Texter. It contains 4 cool fonts to pimp up your text / email but otherwise is a demo app for the full version (which contains many more fonts, decorated .·´¯`·-> nicknames <-·´¯`·.. , cow, history and no ads). Best font...

  • Cool Texter SMS




    \ ,__, (oo)____ (___) )\ ||--|| * This app lets you create creative text messages, by converting your SMS into a funny font, symbols, or smileys for texting. Additionally you can have a cow say your message. Never send boring SMS messages anymore! FeAtUrEs: - Create...

  • Horoscope Widget




    Your fortune in the palm of your hand. Know whether the stars are aligned for you! This is a horoscope widget with: - Live updates directly on your desktop - 7 configurable background themes - Click for detailed forecast, including love/dating, work and finance - (update:) Email or text the...

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