Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

  • Swisscom iO




    Communicate for free using a single app. Phone, chat, send pictures or videos and much more. Make free unlimited phone calls to the Swiss fixed and mobile network – even from abroad. Your privacy is protected, thanks to secure data storage on Swisscom servers in Switzerland. A single app for all...

  • Swisscom Apps




    All Swisscom apps at a glance

  • Swisscom Cockpit




    The cockpit can be accessed free of charge from Switzerland or abroad by Swisscom customers and offers the following functions: With a NATEL® subscription: •Buy convenient data packages •Show remaining data volume in Switzerland and abroad •Manage settings for data roaming/cost control: -...

  • Swiss CRM Forum




    Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für die App des Swiss CRM Forum, der führenden Schweizer Community Veranstaltung für CRM und neues Marketing, interessieren. Die App wurde speziell für hochstehende B2B Veranstaltungen konzipiert und entwickelt. Dank der intuitiven Benutzerführung kann sie von den...

  • Swisscom TV 2.0




    With the Swisscom TV 2.0 app, your TV is always with you, wherever you are. You can be sure not to miss any highlights. Watch FREE live TV on more than 90 TV channels and benefit from the electronic TV guide and TV tips – and all without the need to open an account. If you have a Swisscom TV 2.0...

  • Swisscom TV




    Swisscom TV offers everything you need for best television viewing while on the: Choose from over 90 channels. Use the Replay function to watch missed programmes (up to 30 hours later) and also enjoy your photos while on the go (with Swisscom TV plus). The remote control function allows you to...

  • My Time




    How much time do you spend with your Smartphone? My time tracks your smartphone habits and helps you go offline without missing anything online. Features Track your smartphone habits My Time shows you: -How often you unlock your phone -How much time you spend with your phone -When you...

  • Safe Connect Swisscom




    Safe Connect is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security App by Swisscom, which is protecting the data traffic on your tablet and smartphone. Safe Connect provides security to you private data by linking the whole traffic in an encrypted connection to Swisscom and from there to the Internet....

  • My Swisscom




    The fastest route to your current usage, bills, products – and to us. ***Manage your services, current usage & bills:*** • My Swisscom's new Panorama feature is your personal Swisscom feed. • Check your bills’ payment status and extend payment deadlines • Check your current usage,...

  • CheckAp




    CheckAp is the ideal app for managing apps in a controlled manner. With CheckAp you can navigate the fascinating world of apps in a risk-aware manner. You can check the trustworthiness of each app. CheckAp analyses the app according to security criteria and issues a recommendation. This way you...

  • Swisscom Vidia




    Vidia is a virtual meeting room, where the conditions are always perfect. With our video conferencing solution for SMEs you can communicate without frontiers, maintain business relationships, conduct negotiations and co-ordinate projects. In every imaginable part of the world – without ever...

  • Docsafe Swisscom




    All of your documents at your fingertips, stored safely in one place. With your free Docsafe, you can store documents and passwords, organize, retrieve them from anywhere and share them with others. The encryption on Swiss servers promises the highest security for your bank statements, invoices,...

  • Internet-Box




    Access your data and change your Internet Box settings at home from your Smartphone any time. - Play back music and videos and view photos on the move - Access important documents - Configure your WLAN operating hours and activate the guest WLAN - Make your Smartphone contacts accessible from...

  • Swisscom Service Inspector




    Die App kann durch alle Mitarbeiter sowie Partner von Swisscom und ihre Angestellten genutzt werden. Sie informiert über alle bekannten Störungen zu den durch Swisscom bereitgestellten Produkten.

  • AIR14 Payerne




    2014 will be an extraordinary year for the Swiss Air Force as a triple anniversary will be celebrated by putting in place the largest military airshow in 2014 in Switzerland. Indeed, the Swiss Air Force will celebrate its centennial, the Patrouille Suisse its 50th anniversary, along with the...

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