• Epic Letters

    Epic Letters




    Epic Letters: A game of logic, vocabulary, and spelling. Epic Letters is a word guessing game in which the player is given the first letter of a word. The player then must guess the rest of the word using only the first letter. Players are told when they have a correct letter in a correct place,...

  • Popsicle





    Designed by real world teachers, Popsticle creates a digital interface for traditional random selection. Popsticle is modeled after the old popsicle stick name drawing method. It was created to aid a music teacher to randomly select students for playing tests. It has also been used for pop...

  • Curling Ice Pad

    Curling Ice Pad




    Use this Curling app as a replacement to your large overpriced magnetic strategy boards through the convenience of your Android phone or tablet device! The Curling Ice Pad app allows you to easily drag and drop stones into the house to discuss strategy, plan your next throw, explain rules and...

  • Auto Calculator

    Auto Calculator




    This is a must have tool when negotiating auto prices on-the-fly. Use the Auto Calculator to figure out the your monthly payments, downpayment, total price of the vehicle, and loan length. Quickly change numbers and re-calculate new values as you hash out the price with your auto dealer. The...

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