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  • SAR - Soeurs Antonines Roumieh




    L'Application Officiellle du Collège Des Soeurs Antonines Mar Doumit Roumieh. => Recevoir des mises à jour instantanées => Mise à jour des événements et des nouvelles => Notifications instantanées => Mises à jour officielles de l'école => Mises à jour instantanées pour des...

  • NNA Lebanon




    The Lebanese National News Agency Official android application. Get Latest News From Lebanon and the Arab World. Stay up to date with Trusted Source Lebanese news. Audio Streaming on your device. Lebanon News Trusted News Source NNA Lebanon

  • Alien Shift




    How good are you at planning your next move? And how many moves ahead can you think? Test your skills with Alien Shift, a puzzle game with a simple user interface, and an addictive concept. Using swipe gestures, you move blocks of colored squares to form groups of 3 or more squares of the same...

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