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  • FBM for Facebook




    Connect with your friends using Facebook! FBM for Facebook! This application is an implementation of the Facebook mobile website written into an application to allow advanced features. It uses the official Facebook SDK to provide features such as notifications. Please note this application...

  • FBM for Facebook - Donate




    Donate Version Support the development of FBM! This license file will remove the adverts from the free version of FBM. This in in no way affiliated with any official Facebook product. It is purely a donation to support the developer.

  • Binary Converter




    Simple Binary Converter and Base Converter. Supports BIN/OCT/DEC/HEX Input a binary number and choose your encoding (signed, unsigned, one's complement, two's complement) or input a decimal or hexadecimal number and it will calculate for you the: •Binary Value (Base 2) •Octal Value...

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