Synergie Apps

  • Days Calculator




    Would you like to calculate the number of days between two given dates? Or, calculate a past or future date, knowing the number of days that pass or have already passed? This is very easy and quick with Days Calculator application, which lets you know the days between any dates, calculate a...

  • Your Chinese Horoscope




    Discover which is your Animal and your Element (Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood) in the Chinese Horoscope - Chinese Zodiac. Enter your date of birth, or the date of person you want and get the results of your Chinese Zodiac - Chinese Horoscope instantly. You'll get your animal and element,...

  • Composed Rule of Three




    Composed Rule of Three is an application for the daily life, which is not always at hand everything you need to perform simple operations like: "If 3 orange cost 8 dollars, how much do 20 oranges cost?" Perform rules of three (cross-multiplication), simple or compound, direct or...

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