• Piggy World - Mario inspired




    Piggy World is a jump and run platform game. It was inspired by adventures of Super Mario Bros, Andrio and Lep's. If you like old school platform games - you will enjoy Piggy World too. Piggy World contains: - 16 different platformer levels, - bonus Piggy Run mode (which is a pig runner mini...

  • Shoot the Flappy




    This is simple, but hard game with lots of explosions. Your building is attacked by birds, UFO and some aliens. Your duty is to shoot all enemies. You have unlimited number of rockets, but you should not overheat your rocket launcher. Touch (tap) your screen, to shoot rockets in selected...

  • Flappy Space Doge




    Much space! Very scare! Please help doge! In this simple doge game you have to fly through gates. Beat your high score and help doge... This is simple flappy game in doge reality.

  • Doge Gravity Boxes




    Must have for all doge lovers! Doge is very sad and he wants get to the moon. Can you help him in his mission? Why doge says "WOW" to Doge Gravity Boxes: - free game with famous "doge meme" dog, - colorful physics game ( train your brain / logic ), - 22 levels, Doge Gravity...

  • Toddler Animals Jump




    Jump with the animals! Touch jumping animals and enjoy animal sounds! Toddler animals jump is funny application for toddlers, kids and preschool children. It contains many jumping animals, super sweet images and funny animal sounds. Just touch jumping animals and enjoy animal sounds. In this...

  • Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs




    Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia is free game with beautiful photos from Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Philippines. It contains dogs sounds and cat sounds too. It is simple and easy Hidden Objects game for kids and children. In Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia you have to...

  • Toddler cars & car sounds




    Enjoy this funny and free application for toddlers, young children and preschool kids. It contains cars with car sounds and animals with animal sounds. Just touch car to hear car sound or touch animal to hear funny animal sound. Example car sounds: racing car sound, bus sound, police sound,...

  • Toddler ABC Numbers - English




    With this application you can teach your toddler, preschool children or kid about alphabet, numbers, animals and colors in english language. Toddler ABC & Numbers contains: - alphabet with pronunciation in english - numbers with pronunciation in english - animals with pronunciation in...

  • Food slice - toddler games




    Are you looking for funny and free games for your toddler or preschool children? This application contains 3 free, small games for toddlers, children and young kids: - food slice: you can behave like ninja and slice all falling fruits and vegetables. In meantime you have to avoid bombs. In food...

  • Toddler Memory Game - Match




    Toddler Memory Game is simple memory match game for toddlers and young children. Toddler Memory Game contains 3 different types of cards: food (including fruits and vegetables), cars and animals. In Toddler Memory Game you can find beautiful cards (banana, cookie, hamburger, apple, tomato,...

  • Super Rabbit Run




    Super Rabbit Run is funny one-touch game for children and kids. Bunny is always running, so you have to touch screen and then he will jump. During running you have to collect carrots and avoid boxes. Super Rabbit Run contains normal levels and endless bunny mode (which is endless run mini-game)....

  • Quotes & Funny pictures




    This application contains inspirational life quotes and funny pictures. Just the best life & motivation quotes. This application contains inspiring quotes and funny pics about: - cat & cats, - dog & dogs, - idiot & idiots, - evening news & television, - life, - stupidity, -...

  • Ghost Radar HD - free




    Do you believe in ghosts and paranormal activity? Do you believe in spirits wandering all around the world? If yes, then try our Ghost Radar HD, application that works like ghost scanner / detector. Even if you don't believe in ghosts, you can use Ghost Radar HD to prank your friends. In...

  • Magic Particles HD for toddler




    Magic Particles HD is simple but funny FREE application with many nice, colored particles. This application is optimised for high resolution (HD) mobile phones and tablets. Particles in Magic Particles HD are controlled by finger / touch. It can be used by toddlers, children and kids. Magic...

  • Toddler Animals & Food




    Toddler: Animals & Food is funny and simple application for your toddler or child. There are animals and there are different kinds of food. So your child have to "feed" animal with right food. This application contains 9 animals: monkey, elephant, cow, sheep, dinosaur, llama, pig,...

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