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Cat Sounds soundboard

22 cat sounds for kids and adults. A must have for cat lovers. Just touch the cat and enjoy meowing! All cat sounds are real and they are funnier than talking cat! Cat sounds contains such sounds as: - sad cat - eating cat - cat fighting - murmuring cat (purring) - meowing cat - hungry cat - happy cat - cat asks - talking cat

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Whistle for dog

This is ultrasound dog whistle - teach your dog better behavior and some cool tricks. Show your dog that barking is bad! This application contains 8 frequencies: 5 kHz, 6 kHz, 7 kHz, 8 kHz to get your dog's attention and 11 kHz, 13 kHz, 15 kHz, 18 kHz to punish your dog for bad behavior. You can use dog whistle as a dog trainer. Important:…

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Download Dog Teaser Free Dog Teaser Free icon
Dog Teaser Free

This application contains 14 sounds specially selected for dogs. Your dog will love it or go crazy. A must have for dog lovers. Download, enjoy and tease your dog! This application contains sounds of: - puppy, - angry dogs, - door knock, - door bell, - cat meow ( cat sound ) - crying baby - duck squeak - Kea parrot - Vuvuzela - dog whistle - air…

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Download Anti Dog Repellent + Anti Dog Repellent + icon
Anti Dog Repellent +

This application contains 3 most effective frequencies: 11 kHz, 15 kHz and 20 kHz. Each sound frighten dogs. Anti Dog Repellent + looks good and is easy to use. This application does not work on all breeds of dogs. Its effectiveness depends on the nature of the dog and other factors. It works like dog whistle. IMPORTANT: Use at your risk because…

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Download Annoying Sounds soundboard Annoying Sounds soundboard icon
Annoying Sounds soundboard

Enjoy the world of annoying sounds. Try them on your friends! Download, enjoy and tease your friends! This application contains sounds of: - police signal (police sirens) - air horn & stadium horn - buzzer - crying baby (crying child) - cat (meow) - toilet flush - vuvuzela - fart (farting) - belch (burp) - lightning ( thunderbolt ) - growl (…

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Download Love & Psychology Facts Love & Psychology Facts icon
Love & Psychology Facts

You will find here the answer to the questions: what women, and what men find attractive? Why men are more likely to decide on the one-stand acquaintances with women? Is it true that men's outfit make them seem more attractive? Is it true that the excessive usage of Facebook makes us more prone to suffer from depression? Is it true that our die…

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Download Sex Jokes with funny pictures Sex Jokes with funny pictures icon
Sex Jokes with funny pictures

Funny sex jokes for all adult [18+] people. This application contains funny sex jokes about men, women (wives), dating, marriage, erotic and love. Enjoy dirty sex jokes and funny pictures. It is not porn app, it just contains funny pics with sex quotes. If you enjoyed my "Sex positions" then you will love this app too!

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Download Piggy World - platformer game Piggy World - platformer game icon
Piggy World - platformer game

Piggy World is a jump and run platform game. It was inspired by adventures of many classic platformer heroes. If you like old school platform games - you will enjoy Piggy World too. Piggy World contains: - 16 different platformer levels, - bonus Piggy Run mode (which is a pig runner mini game), - sweet and cute graphics, - nice sounds and awesome…

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Download Dog Sounds soundboard Dog Sounds soundboard icon
Dog Sounds soundboard

Twelve dog sounds for kids and adults. A must have for dog lovers. Just touch the screen and enjoy dog sounds! This applications contains such sounds as: - barking dog - barking small dog - angry dogs - howling - growling - panting - puppy - many dogs With dogs sounds you can also tease your dog as effectively as with dog whistle or cat sounds.…

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Download Cat + Dog Sounds Cat + Dog Sounds icon
Cat + Dog Sounds

Cat and dog sounds for toddlers, kids and adults. This application contains 4 cat sounds and 4 dog sounds. Just touch the animal and enjoy meowing or barking! A must have for cat lovers and dog lovers. All cat and dog sounds are real!

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