• Escape (T.O.V)

    Escape (T.O.V)




    Traders of the Void returns. This time Trader Boy has to Escape, escape from the flaming inferno that once was his dear spaceship. A meteor strike disturbs Trader Boy on his fully scheduled delivery run. Only thing he can do is to try and run to his escape pod, but the road is perilous and full...

  • 15sec (Photo, Video & Share)

    15sec (Photo, Video & Share)




    !! NEW EFFECTS IN VERSION 1.58!!! Do you travel a lot? Do you walk in nature? Do you often see something beautiful or funny? Do you want to share a picture with your friends? 15sec is a fast solution for capturing a moment and sharing it quickly with your friends. 15sec Android application...

  • Trip PRO (OBD2 & GPS)

    Trip PRO (OBD2 & GPS)




    This is PRO version from Trip Driving Diary (Mileage tracker) App. Driving Diary for daily use and gas ecology mode shows you how mutch you car is spending gas. Trip help's you save money and keeps you trips in order. Trip is easy to use just press Start before start drive and when drive...

  • T.O.V - Slot Machine

    T.O.V - Slot Machine




    Traders of the Void was a legendary social game no-one heard of. But this did not crush Tabloiti team. Now we bring back Traders of the Void in the form of slot machines. This is the first version release of the T.O.V. Slot. Simple, yet addictive slot machine fun. Instead of money T.O.V. Slot...

  • Trip (free lite)

    Trip (free lite)




    Trip is feature limited version of Trip PRO. Trip uses only GPS for measuring trip distance and there is no OBD support. Trip can be used for testing Trip basic features before you buy full Trip PRO. This version is also available in Google Play and SlideMe markets. Features with GPS and OBD...

  • LED Flashlight Widget

    LED Flashlight Widget




    Tabloiti LED Flashlight Widget. Add easy LED Flashlight widget on you device homescreen. This application required you device have real LED Flash on front and use that to flashlight. Example steps how active flashlight Widget: 1:Go to homescreen 2:Press long in some where in home screen 3:Select...

  • Apostles





    Have you ever thought how much you walk in museums, parks, cities and other places during your vacation and free time? Or how much steps you take during outdoor work or recreational exercise and how much time you spend on during it and how many calories you burn? Apostles pedometer keeps track...

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