• My Crazy Cars - Design & Style




    It's a crazy car EXTRAVAGANZA! Customize, design and drive your very own CRAZY CAR! Before hitting the track, care for your race car with professional mechanic tools. Wash, repair and fuel your car for the big race! Earn coins as you play and upgrade your car to perform better on the track!...

  • Enchanted Castle Design




    What a ROYAL MESS! The Wicked Witch has cast a spell on the palace and destroyed it completely! Can you help these adorable princesses give the palace a ROYAL MAKEOVER? Design, clean up and make the palace beautiful in time for the Royal Ball! Enjoy fun-filled, design activities in every room!...

  • Fairytale Fiasco- Royal Rescue




    It’s a royal emergency! An evil dragon stole away Prince Charming. Can YOU help these brave princesses rescue the prince from the dragon’s cave?! Overcome TONS of fun and challenging levels as you make your way through the Enchanted Forest! Make your own magic potion, fix the broken carriage,...

  • Baby Beekeepers- Care for Bees




    Have you heard the BUZZ? It's your chance to be a BUSY Baby BEEkeeper! Rescue and care for adorable baby bees so that they can keep buzzing and pollinating sweet flowers! Make delicious honey, build your own beehive, clean up the flower field and more! You can even dress up your baby bee in...

  • Crazy Eye Clinic - Doctor X




    ~~> Welcome to the CRAZIEST eye clinic ever! The waiting room is packed with patients who need YOUR help! ~~> Be the best EYE doctor! Use real doctor tools like the laser beam and X-ray machine to examine and treat your patients! ~~> Put your vision to the test! Play "EYE"...

  • Baby Tree House




    > Welcome to the coolest baby tree house ever! Join your favorite babies for a tree house adventure packed with fun-filled games, care activities and outdoor surprises! > Tons of creative activities! Decorate the tree house, fix up the attic, make awesome paper airplanes and so much more!...

  • Dr. Paw - Crazy Clinic Opening




    IT’S OPENING DAY! Join Dr. Paw on a CRAZY adventure, packed with care activities and fun-filled games! Care for injured puppies and kitties, fix the turtle’s broken shell and so much more! Complete tons of levels as you overcome challenges and help Dr. Paw get to her clinic in time for the grand...

  • The Wheels On The Bus




    This all-in-one, “Wheels on the Bus,” activity center is great for kids of all ages! Its filled with educational games and an activity for everyone! Wheel away as you sing through our many mini-games! INTERACTIVE SING ALONG Sing the classic: “Wheels on the Bus” as you watch an animated,...

  • My Dream Job




    GIRLS, it’s your dream job! Make your dreams come true as a young girl entrepreneur! Choose from 6 business ideas and be the boss! Make it happen! Design ads, launch your very first marketing campaign and make your customers happy! Give back to your community! Earn coins as your business grows...

  • Phone for Kids - All in One




    The largest collection of educational & awesome activities for young kids in a single app! 1 million kids love Phone for Kids! 25 Smart Games and Amazing Activities to Help Kids Learn! Kids can get smarter through educational play. The world famous Phone for Kids app is chock full of...

  • Winx Club Mythix Fashion Wings




    It’s a Winx Club fashion party! Get ready for a stylish experience with your favorite magical fairies! Enjoy fun-filled, creative activities with tons of extraordinary fashion and magic games! Style your Mythix wings, make your own fairy dust, take a picture of yourself wearing the wings you have...

  • Monster Hair Salon




    Welcome to the Monster Hair Salon! We care for monsters’ CRAZY hair! YIKES! These scary cool monsters need a hair makeover ASAP! Can you help them out?! Become a professional monster hairdresser and makeup artist! Choose from tons of spooky styling activities and monsterific makeup items! Give...

  • Little Farmers




    Little farmers, unite! Help rebuild your farm after the terrible tornado! It’s all up to you! Fix, decorate and customize your very own farm with tons of real-life farming activities! Care for animals, plant crops, and play mini-games as you earn coins and collect awesome prizes! FULL OF...

  • Princess Birthday Party




    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Plan a royal birthday party for these beautiful little princesses and their royal prince! Tons of birthday activities! Bake a cake, decorate the palace party, open presents and more! Dress up your princess and prince in the perfect party outfit! Choose from a variety of dresses,...

  • Santa Rescue Challenge - Doc X




    This Christmas, it’s Operation Save Santa! Test your skills in the best extreme adventure of the year! Overcome multiple fun levels in the North Pole as you cure Santa & his helpers! Prepare For The Gift Factory Challenge! An addictive game to see how fast you can wrap presents and win lots...

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