• Baby Airlines - Airport City

    Baby Airlines - Airport City




    Thank you for flying Baby Airlines! The most adorable airlines on the app store! Real-life creative airport activities! Check-in passengers, X-ray luggage, fix the airplane and more! Be the pilot! Fly your very own airplane! Fasten your seat belt and get ready for takeoff! Flying is so much fun!...

  • Cool Monsters Dress Up

    Cool Monsters Dress Up




    ★★★ Create Your Own Monster Dudes! Coolest Monster Game for Kids! ★★★ Monsters Rule with Amazing Illustrations & Incredible Interactive Elements ★★★ Hundreds of Styles & Wild Looks! A Fantastic Monsters Game with the Baddest Monsters Ever Meet the coolest Monster gang around: ★ Baby...

  • Baby Dream House

    Baby Dream House




    Do you like babies? TabTale is bringing a digital baby to you! Now it’s time to go all around the house with your baby and do all the fun things she wants but you also need to take care of her! Toilet Time! Using the toilet is a super important part of any baby’s life! You need to make sure she...

  • David & Goliath Bible Story

    David & Goliath Bible Story




    Now you can experience the breathtaking Bible story of David and Goliath like never before! Join David, Goliath, King Saul, the armies of Israel and the Philistines as they battle in these unforgettable ancient biblical times. Full of interactive engaging activities and powerful characters from...

  • Cupcake Maker Crazy Chef

    Cupcake Maker Crazy Chef




    Make & Bake Delicious Cupcakes with Special Decorations! Create Cool & Wacky Cupcake Characters Out of Candy & Eat Them Up! Get Creative and Make Silly Faces with Tons of Toppings to Decorate the Best Cupcakes Ever! It’s time to make some cupcakes! Choose from 20 yummy flavors...

  • Animals Zoo - Interactive Game

    Animals Zoo - Interactive Game




    The BEST Animal & Wildlife Flash Card Game - 40 Different Animals, Better than the Zoo! Young Kids Learn about Animals in an Amazing Jungle Game of Names & Sounds! Perfect for Preschool & Toddlers - An Interactive Flashcard Safari Game! It’s a jungle out there! The Animals...

  • Animal Zoo Puzzles

    Animal Zoo Puzzles




    --> Fantastic animal in interactive vocabulary puzzles for children --> 40+ Animals in 8 different locations --> Learn Animal Names, Sounds, Spelling and Vocabulary Do your kids like Puzzles? This great puzzle offers fantastic animal worlds, lovely illustrations, amazing effects and...

  • Aladdin & The Magic Lamp Book

    Aladdin & The Magic Lamp Book




    Join Aladdin on his magical journey as he finds a magic lamp, meets a Genie, falls in love with a beautiful princess and wins her heart. Teach your kids through this story how modesty, determination and hard work goes a long way in life. What’s Inside Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - An Interactive...

  • Counting 123 - Learn to Count!

    Counting 123 - Learn to Count!




    Your ultimate counting teacher!!! Watch your kids as they play & quickly learn how to count and recognize numbers in this fun and simple children’s game. Your children will learn to count their numbers before you can count to 10!!! Completely FREE & packed with 4 different mini-games your...

  • Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic

    Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic




    Be the best dentist at this crazy fun office! Treat patients with professional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezers, laughing gas and more! Play fun-filled mini games to earn coins and buy awesome toys at the gift shop! This dentist’s office is so much fun! Doctor X, these patients need...

  • Monster Girlz Fashion Castle

    Monster Girlz Fashion Castle




    ~~> Welcome to the Spooky Fashion Castle! Join your favorite Monster Girlz in these scary cool monster activities — we dare you! ~~> Dress up the Monster Girlz in tons of freaky fabulous outfits! ~~> Plant a graveyard garden, make a deadlicious monscream sundae, visit the Spooky Spa and...

  • Doctor X - Med School Game

    Doctor X - Med School Game




    You're the Doc! Fix all of your patients woes whatever they might be! Use real doctor tools to examine, diagnose, and treat your patients! Once you find the right treatment you can fix your patients in no time! Be the doctor you always wanted to be, and it all starts in Med School! The...

  • Baby Arts & Crafts

    Baby Arts & Crafts




    Have fun with Arts & Crafts, care for your puppies, help around the house, plan birthdays, and care for the babies! Dozens of coloring pages and stickers that you can add to your baby’s page! Cherish the best moments with your babies! Learn all about them as you play! We are celebrating the...

  • Enchanted Fashion Crush

    Enchanted Fashion Crush




    It’s the most fashionable party ever! These enchanted fashionistas need your help to get ready for the fantasy dress up party! Packed with 5 fun-filled dress up games and fashion themes! Adorable models to choose from: Fashion Fairy, Stylish Pixie, Glam Girl, Pretty Princess and Garden Girl. Get...

  • Kids Puzzles - Animals

    Kids Puzzles - Animals




    Explore the animal kingdom with Joyo the Animals Explorer! Fun-filled, educational & imaginative activities for kids! Over 40 interactive games packed with awesome animations and voice-overs! Learn all about animals, opposites and colors! Expand your vocabulary and learn new words! It’s...

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