Download Royal Baby Photo Fun Dress Up Royal Baby Photo Fun Dress Up icon
Royal Baby Photo Fun Dress Up

Take the first picture with the royal baby girl! It’s Royal Baby Photo Fun Time! Dress up the royal babies! There’s hundreds of outfits & accessories to wear! And sweet costumes too! Turn your fabulous creations into stickers that you can make amazing eCards with! They’re back! Say hi to Emma, Ava, Olivia, and Sophia! These royal girls can’t…

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Download Halloween Costume Party Halloween Costume Party icon
Halloween Costume Party

Be ready for Halloween when you get your full costume and makeover done! Use spooky toothbrushes and Halloween-themed tools to look glam for the party! An incredible selection of outfits, wigs, and accessories! Spooky Makeup & Dress Up for Halloween There’s a big Halloween party coming up and it’s time to get ready for the big night! Choose…

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Download Lily & Leo - Crazy Circus Day Lily & Leo - Crazy Circus Day icon
Lily & Leo - Crazy Circus Day

Join the circus with Lily and Leo! Overcome crazy fun challenges as you help rebuild the circus and make sure it’s the best show ever! Treat injured circus animals, dress up for the show, decorate your own tickets and so much more! Oh no, a crazy storm has hit the circus and left a giant mess! It's up to you to save the circus with Lily and Le…

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Download Tooth Fairy Princess Adventure Tooth Fairy Princess Adventure icon
Tooth Fairy Princess Adventure

Join the the tooth fairy princess as she flies around town to collect as many teeth as possible! Overcome sweet obstacles like storm clouds and crazy cats on this fun & magical adventure! Grab your toothpaste, mouthwash and floss picks and make sure to have the cleanest teeth ever! It’s graduation day for the most beautiful tooth fairy princ…

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Download Phone for Kids - All in One Phone for Kids - All in One icon
Phone for Kids - All in One

The largest collection of educational & awesome activities for young kids in a single app! 1 million kids love Phone for Kids! 25 Smart Games and Amazing Activities to Help Kids Learn! Kids can get smarter through educational play. The world famous Phone for Kids app is chock full of fantastic games to stimulate and educate young kids. With b…

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Download Face Paint Party Face Paint Party icon
Face Paint Party

~> Face paint your friends with tons of sparkly colors, magic brushes, amazing stickers and so much more! ~> Decorate your friends’ faces as you like! Paint adorable animals, jazzy jewelry and even colorful hearts! ~> Enjoy a wide selection of awesome coloring pages and special backgrounds for hours of fun and creativity! Get ready for…

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Download Bubble Party - Crazy Clean Fun Bubble Party - Crazy Clean Fun icon
Bubble Party - Crazy Clean Fun

> You're invited to a CRAZY- FUN bubble party, full of CRAZY- CLEAN adventures! > Enjoy tons of bath and spa activities before bedtime! Taking a bath has never been this fun! > Create and pop bubbles, get a fish pedicure, dress up in adorable pajamas and so much more! Lather up and rinse off, it's time for the craziest bubble pa…

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Download Cupcake Maker Crazy Chef Cupcake Maker Crazy Chef icon
Cupcake Maker Crazy Chef

Make & Bake Delicious Cupcakes with Special Decorations! Create Cool & Wacky Cupcake Characters Out of Candy & Eat Them Up! Get Creative and Make Silly Faces with Tons of Toppings to Decorate the Best Cupcakes Ever! It’s time to make some cupcakes! Choose from 20 yummy flavors including: chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter and more!…

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Download Doctor X: Zombie’s Surgeon Doctor X: Zombie’s Surgeon icon
Doctor X: Zombie’s Surgeon

“BRAAAINS!” It’s Halloween and there’s a waiting room full of spooky zombies! Curing Zombies this Halloween? Use special doctor tools like the pliers or stapler! Zombies (not just trick or treaters!) are patients too! They require special medical attention! This city was infested with Zombies a long time ago, but now the situation is under control…

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Download The Wheels On The Bus The Wheels On The Bus icon
The Wheels On The Bus

This all-in-one, “Wheels on the Bus,” activity center is great for kids of all ages! Its filled with educational games and an activity for everyone! Wheel away as you sing through our many mini-games! INTERACTIVE SING ALONG Sing the classic: “Wheels on the Bus” as you watch an animated, interactive rich song and dance experience. COLORING BOOK En…

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