• Data Traffic Monitor




    The must-have app is developed to monitor data usage of 2G/3G and Wi-Fi for smart phones. With several steps of simple settings, you can easily solve problems such as more charges of over traffic; unknown applications occupy data traffic and ect. Features: 1. Data traffic monitor: check the data...

  • File Manager




    File Manager is a management app for your files and apps in your device. Main features: Press-hold: copy, cut, paste, delete, compression, extract, share, Add Bookmark/switch view modes (table/tile mode), view attribute; Create new folder, search file, Multi-choice files and other batch...

  • Night Clock




    Do you feel unpleasant to look at the too bright cell phone screen during night? Now Night clock can help you solve this problem! In addition, the function of supervising battery charge can help you protect your battery! Features *Night mode In default state, once the device connected to charger...

  • IQ Test




    Test my IQ is designed to test IQ. Questions we use are mainly logical graphic questions, which minimize the effects caused by different culture, languages, environment, history and other elements, thus to evaluate your learning ability, memory, logical think ability and creativity. You have 40...

  • One Touch Optimize




    One Touch Optimize is a cell phone tool which can help you to optimize the phone system effectively by ending unnecessary processes and clearing cache data generated in the process to achieve system optimization function. You can quickly optimize the system by Desktop widget, very easy to use!...

  • DECO+




    A must-have stamp app is now available on Android!! A large number of animated, spoofing and creative frames and stamps that you have been excepting are all ready to go!! DECO+ version 1.0 is built-in with 2 themes, cute Lolita and sweet Valentine's Day. More themes are coming soon, including...

  • Amazing SUDOKU




    Do you know? Sudoku is a relatively new game. It started in 1970s in America. In 1980s a Japanese magazine officially named this game "Sudoku". It means that there is only one number in each grid. Ever since then, it's getting more and more popular in Japan. Around 2005, it became...

  • Snooze Clock-Free




    Simple and easy to use, this reliable alarm tool is very suitable for those who love to sleep in! With this alarm, you do not have to worry about being late again! With easy controls and a simple display interface, this alarm packs powerful features, helping you to be on time whether for work,...

  • Super Redial




    App Features: When encountering a busy signal, hang up or need to re-dial, "Super-Redial" will help you redial automatically. Train ticket bookings, restaurant reservations, and hotlines are always difficult to get through. This app is minimizing the redialing trouble, and will...

  • Heart Rate Tester




    Use the phone camera to test your heart rate, simply put your finger on the camera, then touch the "Start" button to test the heart rate. If you carefully look at your finger against the light, you will find the light is dimmed when heart beats once, this app will automatically detect...

  • FunnyLocker




    This is an interesting lock screen app for FREE. Different from other lock apps on the market, in addition to the traditional lock-screen functions, you can use this app to tease your friends. This app has a special unlock. The main interface displayed on the screen is the traditional sliding...

  • Magic Frame




    Quickly add a special frame to your photos. It's not just adding a frame. There are numerous scenes and decorations to beautify your photos! V1.0 provides Valentine's Day and Birthday frames. Now you can create special photo shots on your special occasions. Come on! Download and enjoy...

  • Smart Task Killer




    An intelligent app for task management. When the app is launched, it will automatically recommend useless apps, and retain useful apps. Simply with one touch, you can let the phone run faster, while not affecting its normal functions. Different from other task killers, this app will not always...

  • Deco Face Stamp




    "Deco Face Stamp" is a lovely picture processing app. It built-in with four categories of decorations, that allow you to edit, including expression, hairstyle, body and accessory! Tons of fun!Still take boring portrait photos?You are so out-dated! Come on and try "Deco Face...

  • Cute Face&Words Box ThemeDECO+




    Theme1: Cute Face Theme2: Words Box Please Download DECO+ here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.menue.photosticker

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