• DECO+




    A must-have stamp app is now available on Android!! A large number of animated, spoofing and creative frames and stamps that you have been excepting are all ready to go!! DECO+ version 1.0 is built-in with 2 themes, cute Lolita and sweet Valentine's Day. More themes are coming soon, including...

  • Snooze Clock-Free




    Simple and easy to use, this reliable alarm tool is very suitable for those who love to sleep in! With this alarm, you do not have to worry about being late again! With easy controls and a simple display interface, this alarm packs powerful features, helping you to be on time whether for work,...

  • Super Redial




    App Features: When encountering a busy signal, hang up or need to re-dial, "Super-Redial" will help you redial automatically. Train ticket bookings, restaurant reservations, and hotlines are always difficult to get through. This app is minimizing the redialing trouble, and will...

  • Heart Rate Tester




    Use the phone camera to test your heart rate, simply put your finger on the camera, then touch the "Start" button to test the heart rate. If you carefully look at your finger against the light, you will find the light is dimmed when heart beats once, this app will automatically detect...

  • FunnyLocker




    This is an interesting lock screen app for FREE. Different from other lock apps on the market, in addition to the traditional lock-screen functions, you can use this app to tease your friends. This app has a special unlock. The main interface displayed on the screen is the traditional sliding...

  • Magic Frame




    Quickly add a special frame to your photos. It's not just adding a frame. There are numerous scenes and decorations to beautify your photos! V1.0 provides Valentine's Day and Birthday frames. Now you can create special photo shots on your special occasions. Come on! Download and enjoy...

  • Smart Task Killer




    An intelligent app for task management. When the app is launched, it will automatically recommend useless apps, and retain useful apps. Simply with one touch, you can let the phone run faster, while not affecting its normal functions. Different from other task killers, this app will not always...

  • Cute Face&Words Box ThemeDECO+




    Theme1: Cute Face Theme2: Words Box Please Download DECO+ here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.menue.photosticker

  • Safety Guard




    "Security Guard" is a safety app that checks the risk of your phone. It also provides anti-theft and program lock functions. From now on, no need to worry about your phone being lost! Main functions: *Safety Check: By only one click, it will help you to check all the programs in your...

  • Secret Camera




    Have you ever met this kind of situation? Sometimes you want to capture somebody’s fail to share and laugh together with your friends, but the evil trick cannot be executed because you are not alone! You will feel awkward when holding a camera with crowded people. And sometimes you may also lose...

  • EasyVolume




    An app which can quickly change the volume. * This app can control the volume settings of music, ringtones, notification, calls, alarms and system. * 3 sound modes: Normal, silent and vibration, you can easily switch among them. * 2 kinds of main screen widget, easy to change the sound modes.

  • 照片随意贴




    “照片随意贴”将中文和其他语言合并在一起啦,纯中文版将不再做版本更新,请大家下载多语言版哦! 多语言版地址如下(已更新至V1.5): 1)电脑请访问:https://market.android.com/details?id=cn.menue.freelabel.international 2)手机请访问:market://details?id=cn.menue.freelabel.international 3)或搜索“照片随意贴Free” 已经下载的用户仍可使用目前版本,暂且不会下架。 谢谢各位朋友的支持和评价!...

  • Magic Box (Hidden photos)




    Using Magic Box, you'll never need to worry about leaking private photos or videos The hidden files will not be found anywhere in the phone as soon as you set in Magic Box The app's appearance is not designed in traditional "lock" look, which ensures your friends can not easily...

  • System Test




    "System Test" can easily and quickly let you know the performance score of your cell phone. Just one touch, this app will automatically start testing your phone! Easy to use! Necessary application! Main test items: ※ CPU and ROM tests ※ 2D graphics test ※ 3D graphics test ※ Database IO...

  • Motion Diary




    This is a diary application on Android smart phone made in three days. Hope it will help you save every detail in your life. We really appreciate if you could provide any suggestion. If you can stick to this diary, you will have a precious life souvenir album. "Picture diary. You can take...

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