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PhotoCard for Girls

This app is developed for DIY photos. Users can select preferred template and insert favorite images and comments to DIY the card. Enjoy the fun of creating your own card! ( ´∀`)/ This app has two modes: event and usually. In addition, the app also provides you different scenes★ you can changes the font size and color of text, enjoy your DIY pro…

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Call Blocking Blacklist

Are you still vexing about prank calls and messages? You need the protection from the app named Call Blocking Blacklist! It can give you as high level of security as your own security guard does! It can block all the repeated prank calls and the calls you don’t feel like to answer. 【Features】 Reject phone numbers on blacklist. 1. Select the mode…

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Privacy strongbox

It will protect your secret to ensure! This app can help you secretly hide your photos and videos which you don't want to show. First you need to select your images or videos, then click to operate“Concealed to strong box”. After that these data can only be viewed in this app. And these images and videos cannot be showed even in existing albu…

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AppLocker Free

Lock the app that does not want to be seen! App lock Metal design!! When you launch the app that has been set, the password screen opens. And, It does not start app If you do not enter a password. There is a lock pattern of two types. You can choose whichever you like. There is a setting of "security question". Safe to forget the passwo…

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Ordinary calendar

Simple is best! Calendar "normal" is a simple calendar, complete with a holiday in Japan. Registration can also schedule and hold it, is useful when you want to check the schedule. From New Year's New Year's Valentine's Day plans? Please use the following if you decided to Christmas! ★ This application has been distributed f…

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Emoticon Max

This application is only for Japanese. A combination of Japanese characters and symbols "smiley", and you can freely paste and e-mail. Emoticons have been recorded, among the more than 15,000 apps are more like it!

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Clock Collections

[Clock Collections] is an application that can display selected clock on the home screen. Currently there're 39 types of well-designed clocks. Stylish, colorful, cool, cute, moe and etc... We offer unique clock designs (New types will be added at any time!). The clock is displayed by the widget in 4 × 3 size. The customized clock will make yo…

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SD Card Organizer

I know you have got so many apps, some of them can be moved to SD card while others cannot, and they’re mingled together. That is when you need the help from this app! You can move your apps to SD card without a hitch; furthermore, you can also select to remove them. So with this app, you can do all things to organize your apps easily! Please down…

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Postcard Creation!

This app allows you make your own postcards. You can select favorite cards from several templates, add photos and comments. Delivery birthday wishes, broadcast big news! Make only-letter SMS more attractive~ and ect. It can be a perfect choice for those who have been tired of ordinary SMS. Come on! Send your SMS via this magic app! In addition, fo…

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Alarm Bear

An alarm clock app with snooze function! Feel so hard to get up! Now you can have a free bear alarm clock which we strongly recommend to you!! Set the alarm without complicated operation! Snooze function can wake you up with continual ringing until you awake!! With this little bear alarm clock, you are no longer worried about oversleeping and b…

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