• Smart Optimization Box

    Smart Optimization Box




    We win massive praise from users! “Smart Optimization Box” will give you more benefit along with its optimization function. It can prolong standby time by starting Eco mode and brightness control; its prefect system management can help your smart phone speedup; it can clear cache files and...

  • Pocket Money Memo

    Pocket Money Memo




    Recommend to fashion shopping girls! Oh my poor purse is running out again! Where all my cash has gone?... This app can help you solve such kind of annoying problems! What you have to do is keeping the record of your income and expenditure, and the app will show the balance! Then you can...

  • Volume change

    Volume change




    Sleeping or tired ... and before you can forget helter-skelter ringtone to silent mode, to increase the sound of the alarm, I'll often. . Tsuitsui volume settings tend to forget is resolved in this app! Only one screen, you can change the settings of various sounds. Is a tool put to the...

  • Trash for apps

    Trash for apps




    When you want to uninstall the apps in your device, you can select them on the app list shown on the app and remove. So many apps have been installed in the cell phone… Cell phone is full of apps…the situation needs change… But it will take so long to remove them one by one. If you want to...

  • Clock Collections

    Clock Collections




    [Clock Collections] is an application that can display selected clock on the home screen. Currently there're 39 types of well-designed clocks. Stylish, colorful, cool, cute, moe and etc... We offer unique clock designs (New types will be added at any time!). The clock is displayed by the...

  • Smart Calendar

    Smart Calendar




    Just like an ordinary notebook, you can easily arrange your schedule by this app. ■ function ① Tap-hold the date which you want to record schedule ② Input content・time・event and etc. ③ Click the date to confirm. ※ equipped with holidays in Japan. 【Support】 Much as we'd like to it's...

  • LED Flash Light for Girls

    LED Flash Light for Girls




    Although there are plenty of LED flashlights, few are designed for girls. Now here’s the version for girls! When you are in darkness or awake from sleep during night, you probably want an app to give you bright, and now the app can fulfill your dream! You can also turn on and off the light via...

  • Privacy strongbox

    Privacy strongbox




    This app can help you secretly hide your photos and videos which you don't want to show. First you need to select your images or videos, then click to operate“Concealed to strong box”. After that these data can only be viewed in this app. And these images and videos cannot be showed even in...

  • LED Flash Light HD

    LED Flash Light HD




    [About] Isn't it nice to have a portable torch anywhere, at anytime? At the dark room, at the outside in midnight, this application allows you to have a light at any circumstances. With the blue neon light and easy use, this provides you relief and convenience at the same time. ""I...

  • Memory Manager

    Memory Manager




    Memory Manager can easily check the terminal memory and application management. On the confirmation screen memory, information can be found in easy to understand graphs and SD cards and memory usage of the body, the application management screen can be done at once to remove the unwanted apps....

  • Countdown Anniversary

    Countdown Anniversary




    This app can count down how many days left until the date you set. And in Widget, your latest set date will be shown clearly! To set your birthday, you just need to fill in the day, month and year of birth… Then you can check out your age of the coming birthday. and don't worry about...

  • Alarm of Alice~Catch a rabbit~

    Alarm of Alice~Catch a rabbit~




    Alarm of Alice is coming! This application is dedicated to those who are immune to the ordinary alarms… Just as Alice who is misled into Fantasy when chasing a rabbit, if you want to turn off the alarm you must catch the rabbit first! Of course you can also turn off this function and use it as...

  • Emoticon Max

    Emoticon Max




    This application is only for Japanese. A combination of Japanese characters and symbols "smiley", and you can freely paste and e-mail. Emoticons have been recorded, among the more than 15,000 apps are more like it!

  • Ordinary calendar

    Ordinary calendar




    Simple is best! Smart to say in 2012? Calendar "normal" is a simple calendar, complete with a holiday in Japan. Registration can also schedule and hold it, is useful when you want to check the schedule. From New Year's New Year's Valentine's Day plans? Please use the...

  • SD Card Organizer

    SD Card Organizer




    I know you have got so many apps, some of them can be moved to SD card while others cannot, and they’re mingled together. That is when you need the help from this app! You can move your apps to SD card without a hitch; furthermore, you can also select to remove them. So with this app, you can do...

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