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  • Speed Upper

    Speed Upper




    So many apps installed in your smartphone, and caused slow response. It's troublesome to check and end each task by launching a task killer app… This “Speed upper” is the best assistant for your device to keep smooth running! You just set heavy games and your favorite apps in Speed Upper,...

  • Joke Face Maker

    Joke Face Maker




    Make fun of all kinds of photos! Take photos saved in your folders or shot by camera as chief source to make interesting images with various materials in this app! Send your work to your friends or SNS to make all of your friends laugh! Features •Edit images from folders or taken by camera. •...

  • QR Multi Reader&Maker

    QR Multi Reader&Maker




    Beep--! Easy reading! And it can help you make QR code! What is more, it can also help you get the price and comments of your preferred goods via bar code, create QR code to swap address. Wide usage with the app in your hand! 【Instructions & features】 ■Read Use this app within a distance...

  • Like comics!

    Like comics!




    Do you want to make your or your friends' photos more interesting? ゚¨゚*★○o。*゚¨゚゚・*(。・ω・。)*゚¨゚゚・*。o○★*゚¨゚゚・*(。・ω・。)*゚¨゚゚・*。o○★*゚¨゚ ・A lot of interesting parts which always being used in manga! Such as 「GOGOGO」、「WOW!!」、「cool!」 which often appear in Teenage comics And cuddle and lovely...

  • Perfect BarcodeScan Cat

    Perfect BarcodeScan Cat




    This cute cat appli is to scan and generate barcodes! Quick and easy to use, and yet, it has many useful functions for free!! How to Use: ■ Scanning Scanning: Focus on barcodes (or QR codes) to read barcode information automatically. Manual Entry: Manually type (numeral) information for...

  • Perfect BarcodeScan Rabbit

    Perfect BarcodeScan Rabbit




    This cute rabbit appli is a barcode scanner and generator. Quick and easy to use, and yet, it has many useful functions for free!! How to Use: ■ Scanning Scanning: Focus on barcodes (or QR codes) to read barcode information automatically. Manual Entry: Manually type (numeral) information for...

  • 狩りん島 ~ひとつなぎのレシピ~

    狩りん島 ~ひとつなぎのレシピ~




    かつて この世のすべての食材を手に入れ料理した冒険者がいた 彼が残した「ひとつなぎのレシピ」をめぐり 幾多の冒険者たちが腹を空かせシノギを削る 世はまさに大グルメ時代!! 数々の食材が眠る伝説の島 「狩りん島」で食材を集め料理を作り 伝説のレシピを目指せ! 島に上陸して食材を手に入れてください アクションに挑戦して最終結果の星を集めてください 星が合計3つになったら食材獲得です...

  • History cleaner

    History cleaner




    Delete all kinds of history and cache like browsing history and cache of other applications! Get rid of useless data which made your device run slowly ♪ For any item you don't want to remove, just cancel the check. Selectable item as follow: ★App cache ★History of standard browser ★Missed...

  • Folder manager

    Folder manager




    Simple and Clear An app to edit folders easily ・Show folders and files ・Copy ・Cut ・Delete ・Open file ・Create (File or Folder) ・Save folder path (Jump to saved path, remove saved path) ・Check multi-terms ・Switch list display

  • Drunkard Diagnosis

    Drunkard Diagnosis




    Don't be a lush! Drunkard Diagnosis is a unique and FREE app that helps track your drinks and how intoxicated you are. Test your judgment when you drink! ※ Diagnostic result is just an estimation ※ Please abide by the law and drink cheerfully. ※ Do not force drink Everyone, come and...

  • Bill-splitting Expert

    Bill-splitting Expert




    This app can help you to calculation payment in Dutch treatment. (※ergo the unit of account is “¥”.) Simple design and easy operation with this Dutch treatment calculation. When it’s the time to pay the bill after drinking or BBQ, you’ll find the app can help you indeed. This app can calculate...

  • Comfortable life smartphone

    Comfortable life smartphone




    Oh, the capacity of my phone is full already? Have you ever experienced such condition?? Just try this app to check and manage your phone! The capacity will be showed by chart. You can easily check the remaining space and delete apps in your phone. There's also a widget to check free space!...

  • デコかわ♪スクリーンフィルター(キラキラ小悪魔姫Ver)





    【アプリ概要】 通常のスクリーンでは満足しないアナタへ画面を可愛いくデコレーションしてみませんか?♪ 見た目がちょー可愛くなるオシャレガール必須なスクリーンデコレーションアプリ第2弾が早くも登場☆ 『スマートフォン本体はおしゃれにデコれるのに…スクリーン画面は難しいなー…』 とお思いの…そこのアナタ!ぜひ、このアプリをお使いください(〃▽〃) 可愛いデコレーションフィルターが、簡単ワンクタッチでスクリーン内を華やかにします。今回は、悪魔系から姫系までキラキラデコりまくりで選びたい放題です(´ー`* )...

  • DecorationLovelyFilter





    【Apps Feature】 Perhaps you have a growing tired of your ordinary screen now, So wouldn’t it be great to decorate your screen by yourself?♪ Now you are going to have the lovely screen in Episode 2, fashion girls cannot miss it! ☆ “I’ve heard that you can make beautification for your cell phone,...

  • Call Blocking Blacklist

    Call Blocking Blacklist




    Are you still vexing about prank calls and messages? You need the protection from the app named Call Blocking Blacklist! It can give you as high level of security as your own security guard does! It can block all the repeated prank calls and the calls you don’t feel like to answer. 【Features】...

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