• Postcard Creation!

    Postcard Creation!




    This app allows you make your own postcards. You can select favorite cards from several templates, add photos and comments. Delivery birthday wishes, broadcast big news! Make only-letter SMS more attractive~ and ect. It can be a perfect choice for those who have been tired of ordinary SMS. Come...

  • Key to applications

    Key to applications




    The so-called "Key to applications"! Just like its name, it can lock the installed apps in your device. to keep them from being peeped. All the locked apps cannot be started unless they're unlocked. To those apps like contact book and email which you don't want to be seen by...

  • Alarm Bear

    Alarm Bear




    An alarm clock app with snooze function! Feel so hard to get up! Now you can have a free bear alarm clock which we strongly recommend to you!! Set the alarm without complicated operation! Snooze function can wake you up with continual ringing until you awake!! With this little bear alarm...

  • PhotoCard for Girls

    PhotoCard for Girls




    This app is developed for DIY photos. Users can select preferred template and insert favorite images and comments to DIY the card. Enjoy the fun of creating your own card! ( ´∀`)/ This app has two modes: event and usually. In addition, the app also provides you different scenes★ you can changes...

  • Comfortable life smartphone

    Comfortable life smartphone




    Oh, the capacity of my phone is full already? Have you ever experienced such condition?? Just try this app to check and manage your phone! The capacity will be showed by chart. You can easily check the remaining space and delete apps in your phone. There's also a widget to check free space!...

  • Wise Choice of Smart Girls

    Wise Choice of Smart Girls




    “Among many downloaded apps, few are really helpful.” “I doubt whether my cell phone is slower than before.” …not knowing ask whom for help, girls are always troubled by such kinds of problems. Wise Choice of Smart Girls is designed to do the shebang for smart girls easily and quickly. Designed...

  • Folder manager

    Folder manager




    Simple and Clear An app to edit folders easily ・Show folders and files ・Copy ・Cut ・Delete ・Open file ・Create (File or Folder) ・Save folder path (Jump to saved path, remove saved path) ・Check multi-terms ・Switch list display

  • Stealth Recorder

    Stealth Recorder




    “Stealth recorder” is a record and playback app which designed with high quality and easy operation. With black filter function, it can realize recording in black-screen state. You can use the app to record whatever you want when taking a class, having a lecture or attending a meeting or...

  • Savings Monster!

    Savings Monster!




    Let the lovely monster look after your cell phone. As long as the app is installed in your device, you can tap the icon to turn on power saving mode when your battery power is insufficient gradually. To select eco mode, you can turn off functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS location system and...

  • Phone Reception Monitor

    Phone Reception Monitor




    Make assessment on your cell phone signal strength by figures! And you can also detect Wi-Fi signal strength! What is the percentage of cell phone signal strength that your device can receive now? This app can assess the signal strength of Android cell phone, communication providers and Wi-Fi...

  • Select Apps Uninstaller

    Select Apps Uninstaller




    Do you feel it is quite annoying to uninstall apps one by one? Now you need this “Select Apps Uninstaller”! It can select the apps you want to remove in the installed app list and remove them. 【Instructions】 Start application ▼ select the apps you want to remove in the installed app list ▼...

  • QR Multi Reader&Maker

    QR Multi Reader&Maker




    Beep--! Easy reading! And it can help you make QR code! What is more, it can also help you get the price and comments of your preferred goods via bar code, create QR code to swap address. Wide usage with the app in your hand! 【Instructions & features】 ■Read Use this app within a distance...

  • Bill-splitting Expert

    Bill-splitting Expert




    This app can help you to calculation payment in Dutch treatment. (※ergo the unit of account is “¥”.) Simple design and easy operation with this Dutch treatment calculation. When it’s the time to pay the bill after drinking or BBQ, you’ll find the app can help you indeed. This app can calculate...

  • Application box

    Application box




    Create shortcuts for frequently used setting items, and you can start it up by one-click. It is Widget beautifier in iphone wood design style. You can set your frequently used setting items on home screen for easier access. ■Related setting items■ 1.Remaining power and battery service...

  • History cleaner

    History cleaner




    Delete all kinds of history and cache like browsing history and cache of other applications! Get rid of useless data which made your device run slowly ♪ For any item you don't want to remove, just cancel the check. Selectable item as follow: ★App cache ★History of standard browser ★Missed...

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