• Quick Setup

    Quick Setup




    Quick Setup is an application to help you access terminal configuration of frequently used apps. Supporting Widget, the app can make your access to settings quickly and easily. ■Setting items ・Battery condition ・Sound setting ・Screen setting ・Application management ・Terminal setting ■support...

  • Memorial Day Memo

    Memorial Day Memo




    Anniversaries, birthdays, appointments, have you ever forgotten these important days? With【Memorial Day Memo】 app, you will never miss any important days. ■ Establishment of memo When establishing memo, just touch [Enter a new memo] to enter a new memo name, it can be saved after changing the...

  • Savings Monster!

    Savings Monster!




    Let the lovely monster look after your cell phone. As long as the app is installed in your device, you can tap the icon to turn on power saving mode when your battery power is insufficient gradually. To select eco mode, you can turn off functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS location system and...

  • Maid Clear (cache and History

    Maid Clear (cache and History




    【App Description】 As more and more cache files and history piled up, these unwanted data are.... Operation of your smart phone is slower and slower, and you must know the feeling called vexation very well! Now you have a “Maid Clear” to delete all the cache files and history, it is the app which...

  • Select Apps Uninstaller

    Select Apps Uninstaller




    Do you feel it is quite annoying to uninstall apps one by one? Now you need this “Select Apps Uninstaller”! It can select the apps you want to remove in the installed app list and remove them. 【Instructions】 Start application ▼ select the apps you want to remove in the installed app list ▼...

  • Phone Reception Monitor

    Phone Reception Monitor




    Make assessment on your cell phone signal strength by figures! And you can also detect Wi-Fi signal strength! What is the percentage of cell phone signal strength that your device can receive now? This app can assess the signal strength of Android cell phone, communication providers and Wi-Fi...

  • My App Sort Tool

    My App Sort Tool




    The application which has increased all too soon.. when using it, I lose my way. When this "My App Sort Tool" is used.. It's possible to assort by the label I tend to use (according to category). When a shortcut is made on the home screen, it's convenient! 【The main function】...

  • Wise Choice of Smart Girls

    Wise Choice of Smart Girls




    “Among many downloaded apps, few are really helpful.” “I doubt whether my cell phone is slower than before.” …not knowing ask whom for help, girls are always troubled by such kinds of problems. Wise Choice of Smart Girls is designed to do the shebang for smart girls easily and quickly. Designed...

  • MySetting Change Support

    MySetting Change Support




    A simple and convenient management app. You can easily manage commonly used settings. To check the remaining battery, adjust volume and screen, and even the application management! You can flexbily check shortcuts by the list. ■ Function 1. Remaining battery... 0 to 100% is used to display the...

  • Handy note pad! Share with you

    Handy note pad! Share with you




    This is an all-featured notepad application! You can paste pictures and place your note on the desktop (the shortcut function). You can also share with your friends and the notepad can automatically update according to the set time. Super easy to use. Support custom settings, you can set your...

  • Short Contacts

    Short Contacts




    "Contact" short, such as family and friends, you can register up to five frequently used contacts. The person you want to call early call, E-mail, short mail (SMS) to exchange simple! ■ Features * Touch a small number (2 touch) can originate. Select a contact from the phone book *...

  • Pocket money management

    Pocket money management




    Now, how much money is there in my pocket ... how much can i spend this month Well designed for this purpose! This application can help you easily manage your income and expenses. Simple to use! Just enter the income and expenses respectively, the balance will come out immediately. ◆◆◆◆◆◆...

  • AppLocker Free

    AppLocker Free




    Lock the app that does not want to be seen! When you launch the app that has been set, the password screen opens. And, It does not start app If you do not enter a password. There is a lock pattern of two types. You can choose whichever you like. There is a setting of "security...

  • Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)

    Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)




    Girls always have a lot of secrets ★d(,,・ε´-,,)⌒☆ Do you often worry about being peeked by the people beside you when using cell phone in public places? Now, you need this handy ""Privacy Guard Filter"" app to help you! The app is not only able to provide you with unreadable...

  • Desktop silent mode

    Desktop silent mode




    In the meeting or train, ringtones are always embarrassing in these quiet places! Have you ever forgotten to set your phone to silent mode? At that time, through this "Desktop silent mode" app, just flip the phone, you can switch to silent mode! ★ Put the app on the main screen, you...

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