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  • Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)

    Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)




    Girls always have a lot of secrets ★d(,,・ε´-,,)⌒☆ Do you often worry about being peeked by the people beside you when using cell phone in public places? Now, you need this handy ""Privacy Guard Filter"" app to help you! The app is not only able to provide you with unreadable...

  • Desktop silent mode

    Desktop silent mode




    In the meeting or train, ringtones are always embarrassing in these quiet places! Have you ever forgotten to set your phone to silent mode? At that time, through this "Desktop silent mode" app, just flip the phone, you can switch to silent mode! ★ Put the app on the main screen, you...

  • Choose and stick! Photo label

    Choose and stick! Photo label




    This “Choose and stick! Photo label” app can be used for sticking label with comment on the photos in your device. Choose the label and stick it on your photo, enter your comments and save it! Next time, you can try to make some picture diary or show your friends some labeled photos!...

  • Smart Optimization Box

    Smart Optimization Box




    We win massive praise from users! “Smart Optimization Box” will give you more benefit along with its optimization function. It can prolong standby time by starting Eco mode and brightness control; its prefect system management can help your smart phone speedup; it can clear cache files and...

  • Easy Communication

    Easy Communication




    Record your friends, lovers, relatives and other important contacts, you can find them immediately when you need. [Features] ·5 people in maximum, slide to select. • You can select a contact from your phone book, easy to use! • You can display the contact's photo. 【Support】 Much as we'd...

  • Bright setting tool

    Bright setting tool




    One touch to adjust screen brightness. You can adjust to your satisfactory brightness by sliding the bar, or touching the 「+」「-」to adjust in 1% of brightness! In addition, you can confirm and change the brightness in the widget settings ♪ Let this app provide you the best service!! ※ AUTO...

  • Calendar & Schedule

    Calendar & Schedule




    How about manage your schedule and arrangement in the year 2012? It can notify you important affairs like meetings, dates and birthdays beforehand. It is really a cute and useful app for your schedule management. ★Features★ ①Tap-hold on the date you want in calendar to input schedule reminder in...

  • App Classifier

    App Classifier




    Are you having trouble finding the applications when you want to use them? You have downloaded so many applications that you forget where you put them...? With this app, you can tidy up your home screen and customize it with your own style! Features: ・Organize your apps with preset useful labals...

  • 男のアラーム





    寝坊がちなあなたにおすすめの、スヌーズ機能つきアラームアプリ! 明日の予定?そんな先のことはわからないぜ!! 飲み過ぎてなかなか起きれない!そんなあなたには、無料でダウンロードできる男のアラームがオススメだ! 無駄のないシンプルな画面、簡単な操作で、アラームの設定が可能! スヌーズ機能が、完全に確認できるまで何度もしつこく知らせてくれる!! この男のアラームがあれば、約束の遅刻や寝坊の心配も無し!! アラームストップは手強い、でも、アラーム設定はスマートに! ■機能 *デジタル時計とアナログ時計の2種類を設定可能 *アラームを完全に終了したい時は、ターゲットをタッチ!...

  • Take! Erasable! AlbumBOX

    Take! Erasable! AlbumBOX




    Finally there is an app which can help you manage your photos easily! Very simple to use. You can “Change ranking” and “One-touch delete”the images just by a touch. Tap-hold to “Rename”. From now on, let “Album BOX” take charge of managing your photos! 【Features】 ・One-touch to remove all the...

  • Emoticon Max

    Emoticon Max




    This application is only for Japanese. A combination of Japanese characters and symbols "smiley", and you can freely paste and e-mail. Emoticons have been recorded, among the more than 15,000 apps are more like it!

  • Pocket Money Memo

    Pocket Money Memo




    Recommend to fashion shopping girls! Oh my poor purse is running out again! Where all my cash has gone?... This app can help you solve such kind of annoying problems! What you have to do is keeping the record of your income and expenditure, and the app will show the balance! Then you can...

  • Volume change

    Volume change




    Sleeping or tired ... and before you can forget helter-skelter ringtone to silent mode, to increase the sound of the alarm, I'll often. . Tsuitsui volume settings tend to forget is resolved in this app! Only one screen, you can change the settings of various sounds. Is a tool put to the...

  • Trash for apps

    Trash for apps




    When you want to uninstall the apps in your device, you can select them on the app list shown on the app and remove. So many apps have been installed in the cell phone… Cell phone is full of apps…the situation needs change… But it will take so long to remove them one by one. If you want to...

  • Clock Collections

    Clock Collections




    [Clock Collections] is an application that can display selected clock on the home screen. Currently there're 39 types of well-designed clocks. Stylish, colorful, cool, cute, moe and etc... We offer unique clock designs (New types will be added at any time!). The clock is displayed by the...

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