• QR Multi Reader&Maker

    QR Multi Reader&Maker




    Beep--! Easy reading! And it can help you make QR code! What is more, it can also help you get the price and comments of your preferred goods via bar code, create QR code to swap address. Wide usage with the app in your hand! 【Instructions & features】 ■Read Use this app within a distance...

  • Bill-splitting Expert

    Bill-splitting Expert




    This app can help you to calculation payment in Dutch treatment. (※ergo the unit of account is “¥”.) Simple design and easy operation with this Dutch treatment calculation. When it’s the time to pay the bill after drinking or BBQ, you’ll find the app can help you indeed. This app can calculate...

  • Application box

    Application box




    Create shortcuts for frequently used setting items, and you can start it up by one-click. It is Widget beautifier in iphone wood design style. You can set your frequently used setting items on home screen for easier access. ■Related setting items■ 1.Remaining power and battery service...

  • History cleaner

    History cleaner




    Delete all kinds of history and cache like browsing history and cache of other applications! Get rid of useless data which made your device run slowly ♪ For any item you don't want to remove, just cancel the check. Selectable item as follow: ★App cache ★History of standard browser ★Missed...

  • Notification Reminder

    Notification Reminder




    This app can remind you of all missed calls and unread messages! It just happens that we are unmindful of our mobile phones for few hours and miss some important calls/messages. This app will keep reminding you all the calls and messages until you confirm them all! It runs in the background and...

  • Like comics!

    Like comics!




    Do you want to make your or your friends' photos more interesting? ゚¨゚*★○o。*゚¨゚゚・*(。・ω・。)*゚¨゚゚・*。o○★*゚¨゚゚・*(。・ω・。)*゚¨゚゚・*。o○★*゚¨゚ ・A lot of interesting parts which always being used in manga! Such as 「GOGOGO」、「WOW!!」、「cool!」 which often appear in Teenage comics And cuddle and lovely...

  • My App Sort Tool

    My App Sort Tool




    The application which has increased all too soon.. when using it, I lose my way. When this "My App Sort Tool" is used.. It's possible to assort by the label I tend to use (according to category). When a shortcut is made on the home screen, it's convenient! 【The main function】...

  • Joke Face Maker

    Joke Face Maker




    Make fun of all kinds of photos! Take photos saved in your folders or shot by camera as chief source to make interesting images with various materials in this app! Send your work to your friends or SNS to make all of your friends laugh! Features •Edit images from folders or taken by camera. •...

  • Easy Communication

    Easy Communication




    Record your friends, lovers, relatives and other important contacts, you can find them immediately when you need. [Features] ·5 people in maximum, slide to select. • You can select a contact from your phone book, easy to use! • You can display the contact's photo. 【Support】 Much as we'd...

  • Pocket money management

    Pocket money management




    Now, how much money is there in my pocket ... how much can i spend this month Well designed for this purpose! This application can help you easily manage your income and expenses. Simple to use! Just enter the income and expenses respectively, the balance will come out immediately. ◆◆◆◆◆◆...

  • ひっくり返してサイレント(マナーウィジェット)





    ひっくりかすだけでサイレントマナーモードになる便利アプリ登場☆ 会議中や電車内、その他静かな場所などで、急に着信音が鳴ってビックリすることはありませんか? そんな時、瞬時にサイレントモードに切り替えてくれる便利なアプリです! 「ひっくり返してサイレント」は、着信時に携帯を裏返しにするだけでサイレントモードに切り替わります。 ウィジェットのフラワーちゃんをタッチするだけで、使う時と使わない時の切り替えがかんたん! 複雑な設定や分かりづらい操作が一切ないシンプル設計。 これで急な着信音にも安心! ■機能...

  • DecorationLovelyFilter





    【Apps Feature】 Perhaps you have a growing tired of your ordinary screen now, So wouldn’t it be great to decorate your screen by yourself?♪ Now you are going to have the lovely screen in Episode 2, fashion girls cannot miss it! ☆ “I’ve heard that you can make beautification for your cell phone,...

  • Maid Clear (cache and History

    Maid Clear (cache and History




    【App Description】 As more and more cache files and history piled up, these unwanted data are.... Operation of your smart phone is slower and slower, and you must know the feeling called vexation very well! Now you have a “Maid Clear” to delete all the cache files and history, it is the app which...

  • デコかわ♪スクリーンフィルター(キラキラ小悪魔姫Ver)





    【アプリ概要】 通常のスクリーンでは満足しないアナタへ画面を可愛いくデコレーションしてみませんか?♪ 見た目がちょー可愛くなるオシャレガール必須なスクリーンデコレーションアプリ第2弾が早くも登場☆ 『スマートフォン本体はおしゃれにデコれるのに…スクリーン画面は難しいなー…』 とお思いの…そこのアナタ!ぜひ、このアプリをお使いください(〃▽〃) 可愛いデコレーションフィルターが、簡単ワンクタッチでスクリーン内を華やかにします。今回は、悪魔系から姫系までキラキラデコりまくりで選びたい放題です(´ー`* )...

  • 肉球にゃー





    ご友人やご家族ががあなたのスクリーンにタッチした時にビックリしたりほっこりする顔を見てみましょう! このアプリは、こんなちょっとしたイタズラができますよ!バックグランドで動作するので、一見無防備なホーム画面に見せられる上に、携帯のボタンは一切無効になってしまうので、ご友人やご家族はきっと困惑しつつもくせになることうけあい! また、一人で癒されたい時、そっと起動してタッチしてみてください。 特徴 迅速に起動できるシンプルなイタズラアプリです。 簡単に設定できます。アイコンをタップすると、すぐ起動されます。...

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