• 肉球にゃー





    ご友人やご家族ががあなたのスクリーンにタッチした時にビックリしたりほっこりする顔を見てみましょう! このアプリは、こんなちょっとしたイタズラができますよ!バックグランドで動作するので、一見無防備なホーム画面に見せられる上に、携帯のボタンは一切無効になってしまうので、ご友人やご家族はきっと困惑しつつもくせになることうけあい! また、一人で癒されたい時、そっと起動してタッチしてみてください。 特徴 迅速に起動できるシンプルなイタズラアプリです。 簡単に設定できます。アイコンをタップすると、すぐ起動されます。...

  • Target Check list

    Target Check list




    Study, work, then diet☆Girls are always busy~!! Write down your goals on a stylish list, and lead a confident life! 【Check Target Menu's Functions】 (1)Create Calendar, input goals  …can create a set date for your goal (2)Record the completed status of your goal  …put a check on your calendar...

  • TimeBomb





    Handy! It is a super easy-to-use timing application. You can set the second, minute and hour by touching buttons! The app will count down and remind you of the time by vibrating and bombing sound effect! You can add a period of time by press “+” during the process.

  • Quick Setup

    Quick Setup




    Quick Setup is an application to help you access terminal configuration of frequently used apps. Supporting Widget, the app can make your access to settings quickly and easily. ■Setting items ・Battery condition ・Sound setting ・Screen setting ・Application management ・Terminal setting ■support...

  • Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)

    Privacy Guard Filter(Girls)




    Girls always have a lot of secrets ★d(,,・ε´-,,)⌒☆ Do you often worry about being peeked by the people beside you when using cell phone in public places? Now, you need this handy ""Privacy Guard Filter"" app to help you! The app is not only able to provide you with unreadable...

  • A simple timer

    A simple timer




    "Simple timer" is time. Minutes. Second. You are about to add a simple countdown timer. "+" Button over time, you can add the time. ★ This application is distributed free of charge, we will see ads. In display advertising, we are please with their permission.

  • Call Blocking Blacklist

    Call Blocking Blacklist




    Are you still vexing about prank calls and messages? You need the protection from the app named Call Blocking Blacklist! It can give you as high level of security as your own security guard does! It can block all the repeated prank calls and the calls you don’t feel like to answer. 【Features】...

  • Perfect BarcodeScan Cat

    Perfect BarcodeScan Cat




    This cute cat appli is to scan and generate barcodes! Quick and easy to use, and yet, it has many useful functions for free!! How to Use: ■ Scanning Scanning: Focus on barcodes (or QR codes) to read barcode information automatically. Manual Entry: Manually type (numeral) information for...

  • I'll Weather

    I'll Weather




    And little different from the other weather apps, How about the design? Taste divided in books, ♪ I will tell you weather The intuitive, easy to operate! Even bad weather, for example, could become a warm feeling! [Function] instructions ■ Weather The weather today ... the center of the screen...

  • Desktop silent mode

    Desktop silent mode




    In the meeting or train, ringtones are always embarrassing in these quiet places! Have you ever forgotten to set your phone to silent mode? At that time, through this "Desktop silent mode" app, just flip the phone, you can switch to silent mode! ★ Put the app on the main screen, you...

  • Handy note pad! Share with you

    Handy note pad! Share with you




    This is an all-featured notepad application! You can paste pictures and place your note on the desktop (the shortcut function). You can also share with your friends and the notepad can automatically update according to the set time. Super easy to use. Support custom settings, you can set your...

  • Perfect BarcodeScan Rabbit

    Perfect BarcodeScan Rabbit




    This cute rabbit appli is a barcode scanner and generator. Quick and easy to use, and yet, it has many useful functions for free!! How to Use: ■ Scanning Scanning: Focus on barcodes (or QR codes) to read barcode information automatically. Manual Entry: Manually type (numeral) information for...

  • Privacy Guard Dog

    Privacy Guard Dog




    The dog will help you to hide private photos and videos! Sometimes, your friends might borrow your phone. But there're some photos, videos and ect. that you don't want to expose. At this time, use this confidential dog friend! As long as you finished setting, other people can never find...

  • Short Contacts

    Short Contacts




    "Contact" short, such as family and friends, you can register up to five frequently used contacts. The person you want to call early call, E-mail, short mail (SMS) to exchange simple! ■ Features * Touch a small number (2 touch) can originate. Select a contact from the phone book *...

  • Memorial Day Memo

    Memorial Day Memo




    Anniversaries, birthdays, appointments, have you ever forgotten these important days? With【Memorial Day Memo】 app, you will never miss any important days. ■ Establishment of memo When establishing memo, just touch [Enter a new memo] to enter a new memo name, it can be saved after changing the...

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