• Choose and stick! Photo label

    Choose and stick! Photo label




    This “Choose and stick! Photo label” app can be used for sticking label with comment on the photos in your device. Choose the label and stick it on your photo, enter your comments and save it! Next time, you can try to make some picture diary or show your friends some labeled photos!...

  • Drunkard Diagnosis

    Drunkard Diagnosis




    Don't be a lush! Drunkard Diagnosis is a unique and FREE app that helps track your drinks and how intoxicated you are. Test your judgment when you drink! ※ Diagnostic result is just an estimation ※ Please abide by the law and drink cheerfully. ※ Do not force drink Everyone, come and...

  • 狩りん島 ~ひとつなぎのレシピ~

    狩りん島 ~ひとつなぎのレシピ~




    かつて この世のすべての食材を手に入れ料理した冒険者がいた 彼が残した「ひとつなぎのレシピ」をめぐり 幾多の冒険者たちが腹を空かせシノギを削る 世はまさに大グルメ時代!! 数々の食材が眠る伝説の島 「狩りん島」で食材を集め料理を作り 伝説のレシピを目指せ! 島に上陸して食材を手に入れてください アクションに挑戦して最終結果の星を集めてください 星が合計3つになったら食材獲得です...

  • Speed Upper

    Speed Upper




    So many apps installed in your smartphone, and caused slow response. It's troublesome to check and end each task by launching a task killer app… This “Speed upper” is the best assistant for your device to keep smooth running! You just set heavy games and your favorite apps in Speed Upper,...

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