TACOTY JP kinoko

  • SMAAASH! Camera [Manga Photo]




    It is an application that can be pasted into the photo onomatopoeia used in the manga (onomatopoeia), the effect lines. There are apps that can be pasted onomatopoeia Other, Have you felt troublesome to paste the sound effect of one by one? In this app, you can easily paste onomatopoeia by...

  • Silent Camera




    You can continuously shoot without the shutter sound. № 1 is chosen in the acquisition of a certain number silence camera Acquisition № 1 Silent Camera at Google Play for some of Country Surpassed 17 million downloads! Top Apps by Monthly Downloads Excluding Games in Japan Google Play July...

  • Set Brightness (free)




    You can set the brightness of the screen easily without entering menu! This app equips with one touch setting function, in addition, 1% increments and easy setting! So easy! As long as setting the interface tool, you can check the current brightness and adjust freely♪ ※ AUTO function is only...

  • Custom Locker




    ┏┏┏┏ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ┏┏┏┏ Specialist of ScreenLock! ┏┏┏┏ you can launch the app directly from the lock screen! ┏┏┏┏ Custom background image possible!! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ This is an app to be able to make the terminal lock screen of your favorite. You can choose your favorite type from the lock...

  • Emergency Alarm




    “Emergency Alarm” is a timer which can be added hour, minute and second with countdown function. As time going ahead, you can add time by pressing“+”. This app can provoke your sense of time and pressure. Strongly recommended to those who like such feeling!

  • Trick Photo Plus




    Secretly trick the photos!? Memorable wedding, party, alumni reunion and etc, easily add effects to photos! This is a super app with endless possibilities! ! The current six effects, "Milk", "Egg", "ketchup", "Bubble", "Pie" and...

  • Organize Apps




    When you have no idea about which apps you have installed in SD card… or there’s no space for apps… Then you need this “Organize Apps” application! Through this app, you can have a clear view on apps which can be moved into SD card, which has been installed into SD card and which have been...

  • Cat's Brightness Changer




    Simply change the screen brightness!! Touching on the cat's paw to change the screen brightness. Or sliding the fish to adjust the brightness as you wish. You can also adjust the brightness by 1% by touching the black or white cats! You can also set the desktop widget to confirm and change...

  • Joke Camera




    【Introductions】 Do you always feel your smile is so unnatural when taking photos with your friends and classmates? With this app of interesting shutter sound effect, you’ll no longer hate your unnatural smile☆ “Kids will have big smiles as soon as they heard the shutter sound!” “Although I’m a...

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