• DECO PURI ☆photo sticker☆




    ★DecoPuri is an interesting app, that can decorate and beautify photos! It has not only "skin beautify・whiten" function, that every girl loves, but also fun camera and special effects. Cute! Pretty! Cool! Over 400 free materials to choose from. 【DecoPuri ☆ 7 recommendations】 1.『Whiten &...

  • Sweet Camera ~Photo Decoration




    ★ If You want to decorate to sweet cute pictures, Sweet camera dose All! All for Kawaii (Cute) things Make cute photo with lovely and pretty decorations♪ This camera has beauty skin filter with whitening effect! It makes you like Super Model! We're going to add more and more Sweet and Cutie...

  • Fairy App Lock




    Elves will lock the important apps. Grandest grand entrance of such a spectacular app ♪ Gmail, phone and etc… let the elf protect your privacy. Fairy App Lock uses elves' magic power to guard your smart phone. ★Features★ ■Choose an app you want to lock Choose one of the unlock app, press...

  • Coco Launcher




    The app “Coco Launcher” can change wallpaper, app icons and indicator design for your handset. You can change them collectively or individually. 【Notice】 ・ Official themes can be downloaded freely on Google Play. More and more themes is coming up soon! ・You can also give us your suggest,...

  • BubbleLevel




    So much better than other non-pretty bubble level! Blue liquid running inside the tube with metallic theme... Refined design brings better experience to your smart phone♪ 【Features】 ■Gradient display to the accuracy of one decimal place ■Built-in keep function ■Built-in correction function ※We...

  • Optimization rabbit booster




    Optimization rabbit booster, the cutest tool application will always keep your phone optimized♪ This application has so many functions that will keep your phone fast, easy and handy at any time needed <3 Here are some of the useful functions :) - "Eco mode" and "Brightness...

  • Privacy box




    "Privacy Box" is a privacy preserving app with multiple functions. It has 2 password types which can be changed in "Settings". If you have forgotten your password, please answer the security questions which being set in advance and the password will be sent to your e-mail...

  • Smart Routine Operation




    Do you have a frustrating situation when you use apps? You might have wondered some of the app functions could be easier to use. Open the same app everyday to turn on the same settings. This is the app to get rid of your frustrating routine. With this app, you just need one touch for everything...

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