• 顔文字コレクション




    自分の好きなように編集・書き換えができて呼び出せる!☆顔文字マッシュルームアプリの革命児(*'ω')ノ 登録されている顔文字が「編集」出来る!! (・д・oノ)ノ ワォ!! (-ω-;)『数が多くても使うの決まってるんだよなぁ…探すのも大変だしなぁ…』 そんな悩みもこのアプリが解決 ☆⌒(oゝω・) 初期登録されている100個の顔文字を、自分の好きな顔文字にカスタマイズ! そのまま使う、編集する、他の顔文字アプリからコピペする、オリジナルの顔文字を作る、テキストを入力する…etc 使い方はあなた次第ヾ( 'ω')ノ゛ ★☆★...

  • eco Change




    When the battery is low, simply touch the icon to switch eco mode 「ON/OFF」. In eco mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, backlight, sound mode, vibration mode and synchronization will all be OFF. This can easily reduce battery consumption. (You can customize your own OFF menu!) Compared with similar...

  • Simple Mirror App




    One touch to transform your smart phone into a mirror! Makeup by this simple app! When dating with friends,you won't need to leave for rest room but just one touch to check your makeup. "Simple Mirror App...

  • Easy Mirror App




    One touch to transform your smart phone into a mirror! Never need to carry a small mirror with you any more! It is said that, "appearance presents a person's characters", we can...

  • Easy! Task Cutter




    Tap! Tap! With this "Easy Task Cutter", all the unnecessary memory will be cleared ♪ Your smartphone will become fast and comfortable!! Hey!? That's all? So simple!? Yeah! Exactly ♪ highly recommended to new users ★ It can be set to auto-detection mode, so that it will not...

  • My Sound Fixer




    Don’t lose your head to stop the volume when you get a call or an email in the meeting. I know you overslept because you forgot to maximize the volume after drinking too much last night… Your Sound Fixer is just so cute, but will be so reliable to fix your sounds for you! Keep your egg handy!...

  • Anniversary of the day




    Important anniversaries, birthdays, even inadvertently make the schedule and appointments? Do not be Nantes? Okay if this app! I know the number of days that just get one. This means that I no longer have to worry about forgetting! ☆ excitement is doubled from the number of days is counted...

  • Cat's Garbage




    Very useful! ! Uninstalling Apps. This App will eliminate the hassle to uninstall Apps one by one each time. Gives you stress-free life with Apps. How to Use Tap this App ▼ Select the unwanted apps ▼ Tap ""Uninstall"" button ▼ Done!

  • Energy Saver




    Experience the fun of power-saving by this ""Energy Saver"" app. One touch to turn the energy-saving mode ON/OFF. When the battery is low, press the ""Energy Saving"" button to start energy-saving mode. In this mode, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS locator,...

  • Emoticon & ASCII Art




    This is the official version of Mushroom App contenting for over 15,000 Emoticon & ASCII Art.(´∀`)/ 【Emoticon & ASCII Art】is a free emoticon app for your funny life with Smartphone! Can you believe that you can use 15,000+ emoticons? ※※※※※■※※※※※■※※※※※ ■ ASCII Art cannot start in a new...

  • Cat's Clear




    "Your phone works slowly? You need it faster? If you think your phone isn't working well, you can clear the history and cache of your phone with this app! ""Cat's Clear"" is a fast clearing tool which can help you clean up cache and traces. After cleaning up...

  • Alice's memo




    Alice's memo app is very convenient and cute! "Just an easy-to-use application is not enough." "Like Alice ♪" "Like cute ~" This application can meet all these requirements. [Alice's memo function] 1.memo function ... Simply record. 2 Add pictures ......

  • ねこめも




    便利なメモ帳アプリ。そこに可愛いをプラスしたものが「Cat's memo」です。 「シンプルすぎるアプリじゃものたりなーい」 「猫大好き~」 「可愛いものがいい~」 そんな要望にお応えしたアプリです。 【Cat's memoの機能】 1.メモ機能  …簡単操作でメモを残せる。 2.画像添付  …作ったメモに画像が添付できちゃう! 3.ウィジェット  …可愛い猫といつでも一緒♪ホームウィジェット機能。カスタマイズもできちゃう☆ 4.メール送信  …作ったメモをメールで共有しちゃお~ 5.引用  …便利な引用機能搭載!...

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