• Fun Torch




    Fun Torch transforms your phone into your very own flashlight. Have a fun time bringing light to your dark room with Fun Torch. Fully utilize the intensity of your phone's LED and Screen Light to illuminate your world! - Easy-to-use interface - Use Different colors for your screen light -...

  • Whiteboard




    _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Simple Whiteboard Type of pen has been increased! Pen width is now possible to change It is convenient for Drawing & Share _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Entertain yourself with this amusing whiteboard application! Doodle your thoughts, be it a warm...

  • Beer run




    After tossing back a few beers, it can be easy to forget just how many you’ve had. Beer Run is a hilarious and FREE app that helps track your drinks and how intoxicated you are. Let the Beer Run begin!

  • Bill And Tip Calculator




    One of the more inconvenient parts of dining out in groups is the tedious task of computing how to split the bill. With all the taxes, tip considerations and individual purchases, this simple task all of a sudden becomes a giant chore! Thankfully the Bill & Tip Calculator makes it more...

  • Shave My Face




    Ever wanted to give off the impression that you were shaving yourself using any rectangular-shaped apparatus in your hands? Now you can! Shave My Face is a fun application that allows you to simulate the feel and sound of.. that's right, an electric razor! Fool your friends into thinking that...

  • Eye Kebab




    In a twisted and demented alternate universe, people enjoy eating a different kind of kebab. Instead of shrimp, meat or vegetable, they feast on the eyeballs of poor human beings. And as luck would have it, you have to serve their demands! Match 3 of the same kind to gain points while making sure...

  • Finger Fart




    We don't know why, but farting is just so hilarious. Flatulence, better known as a Fart, is often considered embarrassing but in other cases it is something made amusing through a harmless looking proposition coupled with the words, "can you please pull my finger". Since then, this...

  • App Sorter




    Downloading applications indeed give a lot of benefits! Each of us uses applications depending on our needs be it for entertainment or utilities. However, with many applications installed on our device, it is difficult to find the one we are looking for especially in times of need. Let this...

  • Save The Pigs!




    You are the leader of a pro-animal movement. It is your goal to save swine by hiding them in cargo crates that you've found in your truck. With your help, we can Save the Pigs! Features: - Simple gameplay objective - drag a pig into its respective crate to score points! - Quick-rising...

  • Race To 25




    Who ever thought that counting to 25 could be so challenging? Or even better, who would have thought that by playing this very simple game, your reflexes, hand-to-eye coordination, and mastery of counting could be both a suspenseful ordeal and a brain refresher at the same time? Either way, you...

  • I Dare You




    Having a hard time interacting with other people? Not anymore! I Dare You is a fun application that's made for 2-4 players, where players are made to do a variety of funny, zany, mundane and sometimes lewd dares to the delight and amusement of other players. A party game that is sure to be...

  • Crowd Dispersal Device




    Watch the video below to see what we mean! Nobody likes the hassle of elbowing through an uncooperative crowd on a busy street. Why don’t you get out your handy Bicycle bell and make them get out of the way! Use this application instead and get to your destination, foot-traffic free! People will...

  • Emergency Rescue Alarm




    Emergencies, accidents and natural disasters such as earthquakes can not be foreseen. When it comes to drawing attention for any urgent need, having an emergency sound to attract people will always come in handy. Emergency Alarm will give you that and more. Emergency Alarm contains three...

  • Ultimate Coin Toss




    Heads or tails? A coin toss is the age old solution to break an impasse! Go left or go right? Eat a sandwich or eat rice? Let Ultimate Coin Toss decide for you! This app is perfect when you're flat broke and don't have a cent in your pocket or when you're just too lazy to look for...

  • Fun Groan Tube




    The Fun Tube, also known as Groan Tube/Magic Noise Tube/Jibba Jabber in other places, is a novelty kiddie toy that always brings amusement to anyone. Packed with a noisemaker inside, a simple tilt upside down brings out a hilarious sound. It makes a distinct 'groan' sound when turned on...

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