• Whiteboard





    _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Simple Whiteboard Type of pen has been increased! Pen width is now possible to change It is convenient for Drawing & Share _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Entertain yourself with this amusing whiteboard application! Doodle your thoughts, be it a warm...

  • Spynoculars - Night Vision Cam

    Spynoculars - Night Vision Cam




    Ever entertained fantasies of becoming a spy, a commando, or a one man Rambo? If yes, Spy Binoculars is the best tool for you. You can take pictures in infrared, normal and night vision modes. Spy Binoculars also allows you to zoom and lock in to your subject. Whether it is to gather...

  • Fingers Versus Knife

    Fingers Versus Knife




    Don't cut your fingers off! =================== New ZOMBIE Mode available NOW! =================== Fingers Vs Knife is a game that requires great concentration. It's a game of great risk and suspense. Not to mention a game that makes you wonder what the heck you are doing risking your...

  • My Notebook

    My Notebook




    Be in school with this essential notebook! This application will surely suit whatever use you intended for it to be, whether professional or personal use. Make it your application diary or perhaps create a new style for writing a letter to your friend. You can even personalize it by giving it a...

  • Phone Speaker Blower

    Phone Speaker Blower




    Do you want to cast magic using your device?! Amaze your friends as your device produce air and imitate the real blow of a human being. This application can be used according to the use you intended be it to blow a candle on a cake or for games. What is in store for you in this application is...

  • App Sorter

    App Sorter




    Downloading applications indeed give a lot of benefits! Each of us uses applications depending on our needs be it for entertainment or utilities. However, with many applications installed on our device, it is difficult to find the one we are looking for especially in times of need. Let this...

  • LOL Pictures

    LOL Pictures




    Lighten the mood as you create comedic atmosphere within your group of friends. Choose a photo by browsing from your image gallery or take a photo of your friend candidly. Then start the fun and surprise your friend by putting meme faces, which comes in various styles, on the image. Save it and...

  • Ninja Cockroach

    Ninja Cockroach




    Welcome to the adventurous world of Ipisawa-san! As the 808th descendant of the Flying Cockroach Ninja Clan and the chosen guardian, you are to protect the peace of what is now your fortress and home, a garbage bin, against warring clan of Raging Fly warriors. Prevent them from conquering your...

  • Postcard Creator

    Postcard Creator




    During special occasions, the best way to express our longing for our loved ones is by sending a postcard. A picture accompanied by simple words and stamp designs can be like souvenir as these represent memories that we can keep on our walls forever. This application was meant to further hasten...

  • Snowman Creator

    Snowman Creator




    The breeze of holidays are just right around the corner! What a fun way to spread the holiday spirit by making your own snowman. An ever lovable icon for that created by giant snowballs that have faces will surely melt you inside with yuletide glow. The most enjoyable part of snowman building is...

  • Shock A Friend

    Shock A Friend




    Shock A Friend lets you experience a healthy dose of fun at the expense of others. Witness their befuddled faces through simple-looking yet stress-inducing mini-games that brings utter amusement to everyone. Get ready to see their faces change into expressions of shock and horror. NOTE: Bring...

  • Streamdroid Radio

    Streamdroid Radio




    Get a very generous share of streaming radio stations on Streamdroid Radio! Experience a wide variety of radio genres from all over the globe. From pop, rock, classic to jazz, news and talk, Streamdroid Radio provides you countless hours of online streaming music! Know the latest news, listen to...

  • Sleep Easy

    Sleep Easy




    You and your kids will sleep easy with this free Android application. Very simple to use. Choose one of several soothing ambient sound tracks and drift off into a deep sleep. Especially helpful for babies. Also great for meditation and concentration routines. Key words: white noise, baby,...

  • Crazy Air Horn

    Crazy Air Horn




    Nothing beats the peaceful and familiar tone of a painfully-loud airhorn! Play anything from a normal air horn to la cucuracha. Grab everyone's attention when you enter a room by playing medieval fanfare. You can even start your own race by playing a Race Horse bugle call. Do that and...

  • UFO Videos

    UFO Videos




    "Unidentified Flying Objects have piqued the curiosity of the human race for centuries. From stories of abductions, to ship sightings and all the way to crop circles, the constant search of the existence of life on other planets inhabiting ours have been documented by many courageous souls....

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