Download Fingers Vs Knife 3D Fingers Vs Knife 3D icon
Fingers Vs Knife 3D

Don't lose your fingers! Courage... This is all you need when you choose to play the deadly game of Fingers Vs Knife. This game requires you to risk your prone and defenseless hand against a sharp-edged blade. Zone in on the spaces between your fingers and concentrate hitting that area alone, because you surely do not want to end losing a fing…

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Download Chainsaw Slicer Chainsaw Slicer icon
Chainsaw Slicer

Chop and slice wood as quickly as you can! You are a logger in a village who relies on you for wood for cooking, warmth, and industrial purposes. While you are on the way to work, you saw a poster of a competition looking for the most strategic and stylish logger. As a dedicated logger on your village, you practice everyday on ways of how to cut a…

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Download Detective Box Detective Box icon
Detective Box

What a great experience to become your favorite detective with just the use of your device! Detective Box gives you the tools you need for investigation and spying. This app will surely conceal your identity as you observe people’s activity. Features - Secretly take picture with silent camera and night vision camera. - Detective utilities such…

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Download Super Arcade Basketball Super Arcade Basketball icon
Super Arcade Basketball

Score high and reign in Super Arcade Basketball! Are you ready to conquer the most classic form of arcade entertainmment? Then grab the ball and score high with Super Arcade Basketball! Aim for that basket and extend your time limit by consecutively making points. However, this game is not as easy as it seems. The basket will eventually go haywire…

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Download Basketball Shootout (3D) Basketball Shootout (3D) icon
Basketball Shootout (3D)

Revisit the classic basketball arcade experience with Basketball Shootout! Grab your device and put your game face on! It will not be just about scoring points - this time it is about getting all achievements and accomplishing all objectives. Personalize your own basketball arcade machine by unlocking ball and court themes. Keep your eye on the p…

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Download One Touch Crayon Drawing One Touch Crayon Drawing icon
One Touch Crayon Drawing

Draw everything with only "One touch" One Touch Crayon Drawing is a simple yet very addictive puzzle game. This app is completely free!!! Try to draw everything with only "One touch". The rules are simple. Connect all the dots in one go but you can't always pass the same line twice. Game Changers introduced at different l…

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Download Matchstick Puzzles Matchstick Puzzles icon
Matchstick Puzzles

Are you ready to challenge your logical thinking by solving puzzles? Then get those brain cells working and provide solutions by carefully moving matchsticks based on each puzzle’s instructions. These seemingly difficult matchsticks questions will improve your intelligence and analytical thinking. So train your logic and entertain yourself with thi…

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Download My Giggling Girlfriend My Giggling Girlfriend icon
My Giggling Girlfriend

Academy life is an exciting and adventurous part of youthful years. One day, while you are studying, you met a schoolgirl full of cheers and delight. Build your courage, approach her and establish friendship and who knows what you two can become! Be sure to give her presents if you want a deeper relationship with her. So continue chatting with her…

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Download Underwater Bubble Shooter Underwater Bubble Shooter icon
Underwater Bubble Shooter

"Popping bubbles has never been this fun! Underwater Bubble Shooter offers 20 levels of bubble shooting pleasure." Clear levels by strategically positioning bubbles and using power-ups! Replay each level as much as you want to get a 3 star ranking and unlock achievements! Post your high scores on the TACOTY Game Hall and earn your spot…

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Download Porcelain Basher Porcelain Basher icon
Porcelain Basher

Release your stress and unwind by destroying precious porcelain figures… using bombs! Porcelain Basher is the next generation of bubble shooter. Beat the levels by obliterating at least 90% of the figures using a variety of bombs, each with its own fun, unique ability. Strategize and plot out your throws to create grander explosions and bigger impa…

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