• Menue Dice




    Perfect Easy To Use Easy To Read Dice Roller - A simple touch of your finger will roll two 6-sided dice and display easy to read results. You never have to worry about losing your dice again! Menue Dice replaces real world dice with a FREE, easy-to-use app.  Perfect for board games or any...

  • Panty Raid




    Panty Raid! This unique app delivers dorm experience straight to your smartphone. Sneak through the girl's dorm rooms to steal the hidden panties without getting caught! Unlimited level layouts created each time you play so every game different! Additional options allow you to play as a girl...

  • Bee Maze'N




    Description: Love Mazes? Guide your Bee safely through the garden maze to reach your home hive! New mazes are created each time you play so every game is different! Score by collecting pollen from flowers, but beware the garden spider! Easy mode fun for young children, with advanced maze...

  • Vampire Bloodlust




    Clarissa is walking through the graveyard. A rival vampire clan is after her innocent blood. The night is dark and full of surprises. The vampires are quick and only you may be fast enough to stop them. Protect Clarissa and guide her safely home. Tap your finger on the incoming Vampires before...

  • Beware Of Dog




    "Bark Bark Bark!" Scare off a salesman at your door or a suspicious stranger snooping around your house. Surprise your friends, coworkers, or young children. Scroll through multiple photos of dogs each with a unique vibration triggered sound. Find the dog you want and then shake the...

  • Crazy Catapult




    DESCRIPTION: The crafty Fox Balloons are invading the Farmyard! Load your Crazy Catapult and launch your Pigs, Chickens, and Cows to pop the sneaky balloons and clear the Barns and Silos! Great fun for everyone! Unlimited gameplay levels and every game is different! KEY WORDS: game, games, free...

  • Police Badge




    """OPEN UP, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!"" Free virtual police badge with police sounds so real they will make your friends freeze on the spot. Ambient police radio sound will play in the background even when your phone is asleep. Keep potential criminals away while you are on...

  • Angry Photo Shoot




    "Are you feuding with a friend or did you just have a bad breakup? Need to release some of that anger or just have fun? Try out this fun free app that gives you an outlet for your frustration. Pick an existing photo or take a new photo and then go nuts throwing darts, tomatoes, knives and...

  • Girl versus Knives




    Experience the most difficult and dangerous feat for a knife thrower. Your sexy assistant is strapped to the spinning wheel of death. Carefully time your throws to land knives on the wheel without hitting her. With each success you move on to the next act and things get harder. Are you good...

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