Taku Sugiyama

  • Particle Wallpaper




    Particle Live Wallpaper Touching the screen, Many colorful particles are falling and flying! You can set up particle's size and particle move patterns on the setting page. Open Live Wallpaper select page, choose this wallpaper and push settings button (Like fifth screen). ver 1.2 Adds...

  • 10! - Arithmetic Puzzle Game -




    Make up a expression to equal 10! This is not a simple question answering the result of a expression. You need to answer how to complete a expression by turning numbers or operations to a brank box. This Arithmetic Puzzle game gives your brain needed exercise. This is for your braing...

  • Roaches!




    Oops! You find CockRoaches! You have to beat them by using your weapons. How many Roaches can you beat? How fast can you exterminate all of them? Move your Android terminal and find them!

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