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    Download Talking Garfield Free Talking Garfield Free icon
    Talking Garfield Free

    Download the newest features Garfield has prepared for you this summer! This summer have fun in the sun with Talking Garfield! Enjoy Garfield’s new summer animations, test your memory with the newest game, and pose with your favorite fat cat in funny photos. Garfield is a fat orange cat with black stripes that loves to eat lasagna, sleep, watch T…

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    Download Talking Gummibär Free Talking Gummibär Free icon
    Talking Gummibär Free

    Discover the most famous gummy bear of all time! Gummibär is a small, sweet and cute little bear who loves making children laugh with his funny dances and entertaining songs! Use your finger to touch the screen and see Gummibär’s fun reactions and animations, learn how to play the tuba with your new little friend, listen and dance to Gummibär’s m…

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    Download Talking Teddy Bear Free Talking Teddy Bear Free icon
    Talking Teddy Bear Free

    Touch him, make him laugh, cry and fall, play the trumpet and the electric guitar.

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    Download Talking Cowboy Free Talking Cowboy Free icon
    Talking Cowboy Free

    Shoot with the cowboy, make him speak, play the banjo and the harmonica.

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    Download Talking Pinocchio Free Talking Pinocchio Free icon
    Talking Pinocchio Free

    Did you know that Pinocchio has dreamed of becoming an app you could have on your phone? His dream came true and he is now looking forward to playing with you! TALKING PINOCCHIO will reveal all the secrets of Pinocchio that you never heard about in the story! For example if his nose grows he can use it as a flute! And Pinocchio has lied so much la…

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    Download Talking Pirate Free Talking Pirate Free icon
    Talking Pirate Free

    TALKING PIRATE does much more than just talking. Instead of only responding to touch or simply repeating what he hears, you can do much more with this crazy, terrorizing pirate: free him from a tickling attack or help cure his horrible toothache, play a xylophone made of skulls, make a parrot sing, become a pirate and make your experience into an e…

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